13 Types Of Pickles Perfect For Snacking


Refrigerator pickles are simple, made by brining cucumbers and letting the jar sit refrigerated for at least one day. Refrigerator pickles let you get creative or use up a bumper crop from the garden. These pickles are made to be devoured, not stored in the pantry; shelf storage requires following safety guidelines to avoid serious illness.

Refrigerator pickles are easy to prepare, but you should let them sit salted overnight for crunchier pickles. Kosher salt or table salt without iodine or anti-caking additives will work, but pickling salt will keep the brine clear and the pickles from changing color (via The Kitchn). The storage jars should be washed with hot water, soap, and air dried before filling.

The brine for refrigerator pickles is commonly vinegar (apple cider or distilled white vinegar are most popular), salt, water, a bit of sugar, garlic, and fresh herbs and spices. You can make your pickles sweet, spicy, or anything in between, and you can add slices of onion or jalapeños to the jar to fancy up burgers or sandwiches.

Bring the brine ingredients to a boil to sterilize it (add fresh herbs and spices directly to the clean jars along with them), and then pour the brine over the vegetables till submerged. Let the jars cool down before refrigerating, then leave them alone to soak up all the flavors. They’re totally worth the wait.

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