1924: Frank Borzage – Humoresque (Gaston Glass & Vera Gordon)


The matriarch of a poor Jewish family nurtures her talented son’s dream of being a great violinist, but as an adult, global events call for him to postpone his dream.

Gaston Glass / Leon Kantor (adult)
Vera Gordon / Mama Kantor
Alma Rubens / Gina Berg
Dore Davidson / Abraham Kantor
Bobby Connelly / Leon Kantor (child)
Helen Connelly / Esther Kantor (child)
Ann Wallack / Esther Kantor (adult)
Sidney Carlyle / Mannie Kantor
Joseph Cooper / Isadore Kantor (child)
Maurice Levigne / Isadore Kantor (adult)
Alfred Goldberg / Rudolph Kantor (child)
Edward Stanton / Rudolph Kator (adult)
Louis Stern / Sol Ginsberg
Maurice Peckre / Boris Kantor
Ruth Sabin Ruth / Mrs. Isadore Kantor
Frank Mitchell / Baby Kantor
Miriam Battista / Minnie Ginsberg

Director: Frank Borzage
Story: Fannie Hurst
Scenario: Frances Marion & William LeBaron
Producer: William Randolph Hearst
Cinematography: Gilbert Warrenton

Country: USA
Release Date: May 30, 1920
Production Company: Cosmopolitan Productions
Production Company: Paramount Pictures

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