Bourdieu Introductory Lecture


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An Introductory lecture on French Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (The video contains the slides).
The attempt is to make Bourdieu, an extremely complicated theorist, accessible for undergraduates. It therefore is not a lecture aimed towards the ‘look how smart and complicated I can be’ brigade. Instead I try to keep it plain and simple.
The lecture hall unfortunately amplifies a lot of shuffling chairs and coughing, you’ll have to filter that out yourself. I know I say “such as” way too much; meant to say ‘poetry’ instead of poetics; a few glitches in audio distorts a few words; but no human is infallible!
Also I make use of a somewhat social science cliché, of women as victims for illustration purposes. However in my follow-up lecture I try to balance it by giving the example of men as victims of masculinity.


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