Charles Shaughnessy shares secrets of The Nanny, Days of Our Lives & returning to General Hospital.


Charles Shaughnessy relives his time The Nanny and reveals his favourite famous guest actors. Charles also talks about his time on Days of Our Lives and returning to General Hospital as Shane Donovan. Plus Charles talks about those The Nanny reboot rumours.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Becoming British royalty
4:17 – The Nanny
5:34 – Famous Nanny guest stars
8:50 – Will there be a The Nanny reboot?
9:35 – Elizabeth Taylor
13:26 – Lindsay Lohan
15:30 – The two Donalds – O’Connor and Trump
16:09 – Fran Drescher
25:653 – Family parents & and meeting his wife
31:17 – Selling blue movies
33:00 – Finding fame on Days of Our Lives and then General Hospital


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