Israel-Hamas War: Hezbollah LAUNCHES Attack Against Israel; IDF NEUTRALIZES The Threat

On the 44th day of the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel, I, Y. Pinto, bring you updates from Israel. The battles persist across multiple fronts, spanning the Gaza Strip, the northern front in Lebanon, and Syria. Over the past 24 hours, the Israeli Air Force executed aerial operations, targeting Kisala missile launchers in Lebanon. These strikes were in response to an attack launched by Kisala against Israeli territory. According to the IDF, this assault marked only the beginning, as Kisala had planned a colossal missile strike involving hundreds of missiles simultaneously launched towards Israel. The IDF, alongside the Israeli Air Force and artillery units, preemptively struck all potential locations from which Kisala could launch rockets, neutralizing the threat and averting a more significant missile onslaught.

In another operation within Lebanon, Israeli fighter jets, in the heart of the region, identified two weapon convoys cleverly disguised as civilian trucks. Striking these convoys resulted in a substantial explosion. Israeli intelligence later revealed that the convoys harbored long-range missiles with significant explosive capabilities. Meanwhile, in a collaborative effort between the Israeli and United States Air Forces in Syria, Israeli F35 planes operated stealthily beneath radar detection. They identified a weapon stockpile from Iran destined for Kisala’s use against Israel. The Israeli Air Force successfully neutralized the threat, destroying the weapon stockpiles and returning safely.

These instances illustrate the formidable capabilities of the Israeli Air Force. In the Gaza Strip’s northern part, IDF forces assumed control of most of Hamas’s command positions and facilities in Gaza City. This doesn’t imply an end to Hamas attacks within Gaza but rather a reduction in organization and coordination. In one such attack, a Hamas terrorist launched a missile from a tall building floor, but the IDF deployed a drone, selectively neutralizing that floor without harming the rest of the building. Subsequently, IDF snipers eliminated the Hamas terrorists within the building. Another incident saw the IDF destroy a Hamas weapons factory, risking soldiers to evacuate civilians nearby and minimize potential casualties from the ensuing explosion and chemical reaction.

Despite the IDF’s control in the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorists persistently emerge from underground tunnels, engaging IDF troops. The complexity of this war extends beyond the northern and southern parts of Israel, involving the West Bank, surrounding Jerusalem, and central cities. Daily, the IDF conducts extensive operations to preemptively locate terrorists before they execute their plans.

On a Friday evening, an undercover IDF operation targeted two Hamas terror cells in the West Bank city of Shim, attempting to carry out an attack in Jerusalem. The raid uncovered RPGs, guns, and axes hidden in vehicles. Most terrorists were neutralized by IDF snipers, and the rest were captured for further questioning to identify additional threats against Israel.

This prolonged conflict encompasses all areas of Israel, requiring continuous efforts to locate and prevent terrorist activities. Each day brings news of fallen IDF soldiers, ranging from those in their twenties to those in their thirties or forties, fulfilling their reserve duty. In this challenging time, a collective plea is extended for prayers for the protection of IDF soldiers and their families, grappling with uncertainty for 44 consecutive days. The desire is for the war to conclude, but not at the expense of peace and security. It is urged to share the situation in Israel with the global community, seeking international support to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of hostages.

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