Joey Newcomb – Big Avoidas – (Official Sampler)


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It’s known that דְּבָרִים הַיּוֹצְאִים מִן הַלֵּב נִכְנָסִים אֶל הַלֵּב – words that come from the heart, ‎find their way to the heart of the listener.
I can’t guarantee that I’m a yarei Shamayim and I can’t guarantee that I’m going to heaven after 120. The one thing that I can guarantee is that these niggunim are definitely יּוֹצְאִים מִן הַלֵּב – directly from my heart. They came from special moments of inspiration, from divrei Torah that I heard and from moments of deep hisboidedus.
And so I daven, that by connecting to the story behind the niggun, and by listening for the meaning and the message contained within each song, then the niggunim of my heart will find their way into the hearts of gantz Klal Yisroel.
Thank you for the incredible response and awesome feedback that you have given me over these past few years. The countless letters and emails that I’ve received expressing the chizuk that you’ve gotten from my music has been unbelievable. I pray that my music continues to do so, because that’s the whole avoida!
We should be zoicheh, together as a Klal, to inspire each other to keep thanking Hashem. And whether all you know is Thank You Hashem, or Mi Ke’amcha, or you know some of the other ones too, let’s join together in song and bring Moshiach once and for all!


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