Pro-Palestinian Protests At IAC


A group of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in front of the Israeli American Council National Summit at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, TX on January 21.

Various signs at the protest called for shutting down the summit as well as various calls to “Free Palestine Resist Zionism,” “End Israeli Apartheid” and “End the Blockade.” It lasted from about 2- 4 pm.

Stop Antisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez said during a breakout session later in the day that in response to the protests, she called the police for a noise complaint, and was told that the police were already on their way. Rez called for making the protesters “public on social media” and make their identities known to their employers and universities. “We have the freedom of speech to throw their hatred back in their face and expose it,” Rez said.

Israeli Arab activist Yoseph Haddad, CEO of Together––Vouch for Each Other, stood in front of the protesters while displaying an Israeli flag.

During a separate breakout session at the summit, Haddad told Israeli television and radio personality Efi Triger he “could not stay silent” when he saw the protesters. “When you don’t show up––and this is something that everyone must understand––then there’s only one narrative that’s being told,” Haddad said, later adding: “We need to stand against them.”

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