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Queer, Jewish is a collection of dances and stories on the intersection of Queer and Jewish identity in diaspora. Moriah Ella Mason and collaborators explore queer and feminist themes in Jewish sacred texts, use folklore to embrace real and ideal queer bodies, and re-formulate ritual to birth a new futurist aesthetic.

Direction and Choreography by Moriah Ella Mason
Dramaturgy by Olivia Devorah Tucker
Text by Olivia Devorah Tucker and Moriah Ella Mason
Performances by Ru Emmons, Sarah Friedlander, Harry J. Hawkins IV, Moriah Ella Mason, Olivia Devorah Tucker, and Amelia Reuss
Music by slowdanger, Abe Hollow, and slowgroan
Lighting Design by Paige Borak
Costumes by Claire Steiner and Moriah Ella Mason

Presented at Carnegie Stage in Carnegie PA by Off the Wall Productions in August 2019
with additional support from the Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative

Queer, Jewish is available and can be booked for the full 90-minute work or as 15, 30, and 60 minute excerpts. Community movement and discussion workshops on “Emobdying Jewishness” and “Emodying Queerness” are also available.
To discuss how we can work together or to book an iteration of Queer, Jewish for your venue contact the artist at www.moriahellamason.com


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