Speak for all religions, India tells United Nations


Religiophobia is not restricted to Abrahamic religions only should apply to phobias against non-Abrahamic religions also’ India at the UN
At the UN meeting of ambassadors, to mark the first-ever International Day, on Countering Hate Speech, Indian Representative to the UN, T S Tirumurti emphasized, that Religiophobia should not be a selective exercise involving only 1 or 2 religions,
While India condemns all acts motivated by antisemitism, Christianophobia, or Islamophobia, there is clear evidence that over decades such religion-centric phobias have, in fact, affected the followers of non-Abrahamic religions as well
Tirumurti argued that this has contributed to the emergence of modern forms of religiophobia, “particularly anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, and anti-Sikh phobias.” “Hinduism has more than 1.2 billion followers, Buddhism has more than 535 million, and Sikhism has more than 30 million followers worldwide,” Ambassador Tirumurti said. It is time to acknowledge the prevalence of religiophobia rather than single out one 
Speaking at the UN,  Tirumurti stated that there cannot be double standards on religiophobia and that such international days will never achieve their goals unless phobias against non-Abrahamic religions are addressed.
More than a dozen Muslim-majority countries have condemned the controversial remarks made by now-suspended BJP spokesperson  TS Tirumurti, who stated that the country does not require “selective outrage” from outsiders, especially when they are self-serving – even communal in nature, and pursuing a divisive agenda,


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