The Failed Los Angeles Prophecy – William Branham's Television Prediction


In 1965, William Branham watched a television program discussing the instability of Los Angeles. Though Branham forbade his cult of personality from watching television, the Branham family did in private, and he mentioned it on a few recordings. In the television program, a scientist was interviewed who stated that Los Angeles could sink within five years. This television program apparently became the basis for an alleged “prophecy” that would be used for his stage persona until the end of his life. Speaking in Los Angeles in April of 1965, Branham predicted that Los Angeles would sink beneath the ocean, just like the television program had predicted. This, according to Branham, would take place before his son — who turns 87 in 2022, was “an old man”. In 2008, Branham’s son, Billy Paul, exceeded his life expectancy at the time the alleged prediction was made.

After returning to Jeffersonville, IN, William Branham alleged that he was speaking under divine inspiration, and did not remember what he had said. According to Branham, God had spoken through him, calling Los Angeles “Capernaum”, and warning that the city would sink beneath the ocean. According to the voice that “spoke through” William Branham, Capernaum was beneath the sea.

The problem? Capernaum is not and has no record of being beneath the sea. It is one of the tourist attractions promoted by Tourist Israel. Archaeological excavations have revealed two ancient synagogues built one on top of the other. Capernaum was spared by the Romans during the Jewish Revolt in AD 66 and was referred to as a fertile spring in the writings of Josephus. Many homes were built in the 4th century, and one of the homes was greatly transformed in the 5th century. Evidence shows a constantly transforming city from before the days of Christ until about the 5th Century. According to all archaeological evidence and historical information available, Capernaum has never been under the sea.

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