The real rabbi in Drake's new music video Falling Back: 'I would have asked him to put on Tefillin'


Ari Sitnik is a real ordained Chabad rabbi, but his day job is in computers. The Toronto man appears for about 30 seconds in Drake’s new music video as the Canadian rapper marries his 23 brides. But Sitnik, 52, says he isn’t afraid of any negative feedback he might receive because it wasn’t a real wedding, and there was nothing Jewish about it. (Except maybe the napkin dancing which he never saw). Sitnik works in computers, not as a rabbi. But he did bring his tefillin to the Royal York Hotel for the top secret filming on May 29, just in case he could get Drake, who is Jewish, to perform the mitzvah of putting on tefillin. (It didn’t happen.)
Rabbi Ari Sitnik joins @TheCJN Daily podcast host Ellin Bessner for a behind-the-scenes interview, and why he thinks it’s cool that ultra-Orthodox Jews are portrayed in a positive light in this viral video.
Hear The CJN Daily interview here:
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