TORAH READING PARASHA KORACH [Numbers 16 – 19] קריאת התורה פרשת קרח ירושלמי (English CC)


The Torah Reading for Parasha Korach from the Book of Numbers Chapter 16 until Chapter 19 in the Custom of Jerusalem Israel with Hebrew Cantillation that goes word by word with the Torah Reading. I also Included the English Translation in CC.

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Including English Subtitles that you can Translate in the Settings of You Tube in the Right hand corner to any language you like.

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I added the English Translation for you to understand the meaning of the Hebrew so that you can better connect with these beautiful words and thus connect to the Creator of the World in a more profound way.

I hope this give voice to your spiritual yearning to draw closer to Hashem may His Name be Blessed by hearing the words of G-d as per the tradition of Jerusalem.

Yerushalmi Style Torah Reading
Learn Torah Weekly Readings
לימוד בר-מצווה/ Bar Mitzvah
Numbers/ Korach
Parasha Korach

Uriel Suliman-Keriath Parashat Korach

00:00 1st Aliyah Korach Numbers 16: 1 – 13
05:10 2nd Aliyah Korach Numbers 16: 14 – 19
08:00 3rd Aliyah Korach Numbers 16: 20 – 17: 8
17:14 4th Aliyah Korach Numbers 17: 9 – 15
19:43 5th Aliyah Korach Numbers 17: 16 – 24
23:20 6th Aliyah Korach Numbers 17: 25 – 18: 20
34:40 7th Aliyah Korach Numbers 18: 21 – 32
38:34 Maftir Korach Numbers 18: 30 – 32

TORAH READING PARASHA KORACH [Numbers 16 – 19] קריאת התורה פרשת קרח ירושלמי (English CC)

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