Will Israel Political INSTABILITY Embolden Iran & Can Bibi WIN Once Again? | Watchman Newscast LIVE


Don’t miss today’s Watchman Newscast LIVESTREAM on our channel between 4 and 5 pm Eastern time! Topics we’ll cover include a critical UPDATE on the Israeli government collapse and how the fallout may usher the return of former Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. Plus, amid the current political instability, possible threats against Israel from Iran and various terror groups have escalated significantly. Then, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo caught in the crosshairs of another potential assassination attempt from Iran? And finally, Russia lashes out while Israel’s stance on Ukraine remains unchanged. Will the spiraling relation between these two countries lead to a head-on collision? Join in the conversation and bring questions for our Q and A session on today’s Watchman Newscast LIVESTREAM!
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