Antisemitism surges globally: Hate crimes triple in Toronto


The Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism Ministry has released a report on Monday revealing a significant increase in antisemitic incidents, with Germany experiencing over 680 such incidents and a tripling of antisemitic hate crimes in Toronto, Canada. This alarming data points to a concerning trend of rising antisemitism in various regions.

Most of the antisemitic incidents were related to the Israel-Hamas war, following the October 7 massacre.

Germany and Canada at the forefront of rising antisemitic incidents

Germany and Canada are at the forefront of increased antisemitic attacks, but the report also includes disturbing incidents from the US and the UK. In Brooklyn, for example, a Jewish individual faced a brutal attack last Shabbat, and in the UK, police investigations are ongoing into antisemitic hate speech in various mosques.

Tess Ackerman and others march against antisemitism, 26 November, 2023. (credit: Reuben Ackerman)

The ministry emphasized the global scale of this challenge, urging nations to strengthen measures to protect Jewish communities. “The data from Germany and Canada, along with incidents in other countries, are a stark reminder of the need for concerted efforts to tackle antisemitism worldwide,” the ministry stated.


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