‘Curse the Jews’: Antisemitic preaching plagues UK mosques – TalkTV


An investigation by TalkTV has found that multiple mosques across the United Kingdom have engaged in antisemitic hate preaching since October 7, when war broke out following Hamas terrorists invading Israel and massacring 1200 people.

The police have been informed of the separate preachings, many of which involved the calling for the murder of Jews.

In one mosque, located in London’s Redbridge Islamic Center, a preacher can be heard saying “Oh Allah, curse the Jews and the children of Israel. Oh Allah, curse the infidels and the polytheists. Oh All, break their words, shake their feet, disperse and tear apart their unity and ruin their houses and destroy their homes.”

Redbridge Islamic Centre declined to comment to TalkTV but had previously promised it would launch an investigation and has also publicly stated they have decided that the Imam responsible for the above preaching will not be allowed to address worshippers there again.

In another mosque, located in Liverpool, a preacher said in English that “If the 3 billion just marched on Israel, it’s all over. These flatten the direction of Israel, 2 billion it’s all over.”

Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, removes his shoes during a visit to Finsbury Park Mosque, on Visit My Mosque day, in London, Britain, March 3, 2019. (credit: PETER NICHOLLS/REUTERS)

In a Birmingham-based mosque, another preacher was recorded saying that “the stones will speak and say “oh Muslim, behind me there is a Yehuda [Jew], come and kill him.”


Many of the preachers were also recorded praying for Hamas, a registered terrorist organization in the UK under the Terrorism Act. Support for Hamas can lead to a 14-year prison sentence and a substantial fine of up to £5000. 

“Oh God, heal our hearts regarding the usurping Jews and in every enemy of you and the Muslims,” TalkTV recorded a preacher proclaiming. “Oh God, limit their number. Kill them indiscriminately and do not leave any of them alive. Oh God, our lord, disperse them. Weaken their strength, shake the ground beneath their feet, and freeze the blood in their veins. Make them captive to the Muslims.”

One of the hate preachings was recorded at Finsbury Park Mosque, which has since been shut down following a previous location. Despite the hateful preachings, Jeremy Corbyn had commended the mosque and described it as a “place of peace.”

Response to TalkTV’s investigation

In response to TalkTV, Superintendent Sally De Haann from the Metropolitan Police said “We absolutely understand that this footage has raised concerns in our local community. It has been assessed by specialists and we have also taken advice from CPS lawyers and hate crime experts, and no criminal offenses have been identified.”

Police from other localities have said that they are still investigating the incidents, as is the Charity Commission’s office as many of the mosques have ‘charity’ status which would entitle them to government grants.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, told the Jerusalem Post “The issue of Islamist hate speech directed at the UK Jewish community has been going on for years. Until this investigation, it has largely been ignored. Even major Jewish groups in the UK do not wish to bring this to light for fear of it upsetting Muslim friends and interfaith projects. I believe that the British government must take this issue with the utmost seriousness.

“Mosques that host hate preachers should be closed and the preachers themselves should be arrested and charged. Yet the situation is probably considerably worse. While it is gratifying that Talk TV has conducted this work, nevertheless it relates to only a handful of mosques. What is going on in hundreds of other mosques in the UK unvisited by TalkTV? “

Addressing Haan’s comments, Mond said “First[ly], “concerns” is far too weak a word. Terror is much more appropriate. Second[ly], if the lawyers and the CPS are correct, then the law needs to be changed so that this type of oratory is made illegal. If on the other hand, they are wrong and such speech is already criminal, then there needs to be an investigation.”

Also addressing Haan’s comments, Jonathan Turner of UKLFI told the Post that “It is hard to understand how the Crown Prosecution Service has failed to identify an offence. When a preacher says  “curse the Jews and the children of Israel” and calls to Allah to “tear apart their community”, this is not merely rhetoric,  it is hate speech. It is abusive or insulting and it is intended or likely to stir up hatred against Jews. This constitutes a criminal offence under UK law.”


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