Family of Youngest Hostage in Gaza Urges Release, Israeli Authorities Investigate


The family of the youngest hostage in Gaza, 10-month-old Kfir Bibas, is fervently appealing for his release along with that of his four-year-old brother. Kfir has spent nearly a fifth of his life in captivity after being abducted during the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, which resulted in numerous casualties and hostages.

Kfir, taken from Nir Oz along with his family, has become a symbol of the brutality of the conflict. Israeli authorities indicated on Tuesday that the family might have been handed over by Hamas to another Palestinian militant group, complicating efforts to secure their release.

Under the current temporary ceasefire, Hamas has released women, children, and teenagers, but Kfir has not been included on the list of those to be freed. His fate has sparked a wave of support from Israelis seeking the release of all hostages, with a demonstration held in Tel Aviv.

The family’s ordeal has raised questions about the responsibility for their safety, with conflicting reports about their location and condition. Despite a different Palestinian faction holding them, Israeli officials assert that Hamas bears responsibility for their well-being.

Kfir’s sister, Ofri Bibas Levy, expressed frustration at the delay in the boys’ release, speculating whether it is part of a psychological war against them. As international attention focuses on Kfir’s plight, his family continues to advocate for his safe return, emphasizing his vulnerability at just 10 months old.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has brought Kfir’s case to international media, highlighting the human impact of the conflict. With the truce set to expire on Wednesday, pressure is mounting on Hamas to release the Bibas family before further escalation.

In Tel Aviv, a gathering at the Hostages and Missing Persons Square saw more than 100 people demanding the family’s release. The emotional toll on the family, separated from their children for over 53 days, adds urgency to the plea for Kfir’s safe return.

Jimmy Miller, a cousin, emphasized Kfir’s age and vulnerability, highlighting his inability to speak or eat solid food. As the situation unfolds, the international community watches closely, hoping for a resolution that ensures the well-being and release of the youngest hostage in Gaza.


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