Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery Finally Scoots onto Xbox with Game Pass for Console



  • You’re a detective, and a frog, and it’s time to solve some mysteries!
  • Question suspects, find clues and look through your (allegedly useless) magnifying glass.
  • Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery is Out today with Game Pass!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my blog post. My name is Grace Bruxner and I’m the creative director of Worm Club, the indie studio behind the cult hit series Frog Detective. Thomas, who is the other half of ruthless Worm Club empire and Frog Detective co-creator, is just putting the finishing touches on the Xbox port of Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery! The game combines the three Frog Detective games into one mysterious package. It also comes with a super cool scooter mini game. Skrrt skrrt.

I’m sure you have lots of questions, like ‘Grace, how did you get to be so cool and fun?’ and ‘Grace, how do you keep making these masterpiece games?’ and ‘Grace, what is Frog Detective about?’. But Xbox only gave me limited space on their website, so let’s stick to the most important thing: my video game.

Before we find out what is Frog Detective, we must first ask who is Frog Detective. Frog Detective is a professional Detective – the second best in the whole world! Armed with a magnifying glass and a friendly demeanour, The Detective will get to the bottom of any mystery, big or small. In each Frog Detective game you go around the crime scene asking questions, running errands, and piecing together clues about whatever misunderstanding is afoot (it’s always a misunderstanding because crime is not real).

FD characters

Like I said already, Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery is a combination of all three Frog Detective cases plus one shiny new mini game. In The Haunted Island, The Detective is summoned to find the source of some spooky noises on a tropical island. In The Case of the Invisible Wizard, a small town is hit by a case of magic vandalism. Also, The Detective gets a notebook. And lastly, in Corruption at Cowboy County, a seemingly simple case of missing hats turns into a sinister conspiracy at the heart of the mystery-solving world. Perhaps crime is real after all…

FD screenshot

As you can probably tell, Frog Detective is not a very serious series, unless by serious you mean ‘a seriously good time!’. Haha. What was I saying? Yes, it is a game to make you smile and laugh and look wistfully out of the window. Also, the soundtrack is by Dan Golding and it is Excellent. Oh, and there is a new exclusive scooter mini game called Frog Detective Scooter and it’s probably the best frog themed scooter game ever made.

We are really happy we get to bring Frog Detective to a bigger audience on Xbox. Please enjoy!!

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Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery

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You’re a detective, and a frog, and it’s time to solve 3 thrilling mysteries!

Play as the #2 best investigator as you find clues, question silly suspects, and look at things through your magnifying glass. Some nay-sayers have called the magnifying glass “useless”, but what do they know?

In Case 1, The Haunted Island, a sloth has been haunted for weeks by a mysterious ghost that nobody can seem to track down. Even after hiring a team of ghost scientists, the mystery is no closer to being solved. Luckily for this tropical sloth, and unluckily for this pesky ghost, Frog Detective is here to crack the case! The Haunted Island is the first in this award-winning series, and this bite-sized mystery is what started an international cult obsession with the world of Frog Detective.

In the second mystery, The Case of the Invisible Wizard, we follow the Detective to Warlock Woods, where a celebratory parade for their newest neighbor has been maliciously destroyed. Now the neighbor is nowhere to be seen, and the town is in ruin. Can Frog Detective get to the bottom of things? We sure hope so, otherwise the game would be a bummer.

In the exciting series finale, Corruption at Cowboy County, The Detective and Lobster Cop are tasked to solve the conundrum of a sheriff-less town. But not all is as it seems here, when a surprisingly simple solution to the case reveals a sinister scheme. Maybe crime is real after all…
This final mystery is jam-packed with twists and turns, a true love letter to the Frog Detective fans.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery is a family-friendly yet witty take on the detective game genre. Solve the mysteries on your own, or play along with friends as you take turns reading out the dialogue. Think you can crack the case?

Game languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil).


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