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Gia Giudice Digital Cover December 2023
Image Credit: Kyle Braylen Photography

What would you say is the most challenging thing about growing up in the public eye? On the contrary, what would you say is the most positive thing about growing up in the public eye?

It can be really challenging to have your life played out on TV because viewers tend to feel like they know everything about you and sometimes feel entitled to formulate opinions based on the show. Unfortunately, some people can be very cruel with their opinions and comments. It’s sad, because for so many young women on TV, it can create a sort of pressure to meet unrealistic standards. I’m really lucky to have my parents because they instilled values in me which give me a strong sense of self. I choose to focus and appreciate the many positives instead of the negatives. One of the most positive things to come from this platform is all of the amazing experiences and opportunities I’ve been granted. I’m really grateful to Bravo and to all of the fans that have supported us for so long. It’s so special to have so many fans that truly love my family and I, it’s really a beautiful feeling.

With TikTok being so popular, there are tons of accounts dedicated to sharing old clips from RHONJ, specifically from when you and your sisters were little. How does it feel to watch those?

It’s so nostalgic. I think that’s also one of the best things about the show because it’s like a bunch of home videos that we will always have. It means so much to have videos from when my grandparents were alive. Having memories with my Nonno and Nonna on film is just priceless.

Of course, we can’t mention TikTok without bringing up the viral ‘Waking Up in the Morning’ audio — it’s a classic! What was it like to watch so many people, including major celebrities, respond to you singing?

It was shocking! I never thought that a random old clip of a song I wrote as a little girl would resurface and go completely viral. I couldn’t believe that people like Cardi B and Will Smith were quoting the clip. It turned it from what could have been embarrassing to something I totally embraced. It also helped sparked my entrepreneurial journey because after that I came out with a line of sweatshirts with the quote on them.

Gia Giudice Digital Cover December 2023
Photo credit: Kyle Braylen Photography / Stylist: Lina Kidis

Other than ‘RHONJ,’ what’s your favorite ‘Housewives’ franchise?

Beverly Hills and Miami.

Outside of the ‘Housewives’ universe, do you have a favorite Bravo show?

Vanderpump Rules.

Tell us about your life outside of reality television, specifically your entrepreneurship?

It’s been a whirlwind of growth for me this year. After finishing school, I’ve fallen in love with growing my brand as an influencer and have done some amazing partnerships. Recently, I was able to partner with SHEIN to do a collection with my mom and sisters which was really special for us. We’ve always talked about doing something like that together so to make it happen was amazing. Our SHEINxGiudiceGirls video was even on a billboard in Times Square! We went to the city on Thanksgiving evening to see it for the first time together as a family.

What’s your favorite thing about being a big sister?

I love being a role model and voice of reason to my younger sisters. It’s really nice to be able to give them advice now that they are getting older. I’m really proud of the young women they are becoming and love them so much. We’ve been through a lot together and it’s just made us so much closer. They are my world.

What message do you have for young women that follow you?

I want to inspire young women to speak up and advocate for themselves. After receiving backlash for speaking up for myself and my family, it made it so much more important for me to share this message with other young women. No matter the opinion of others, you have a right to speak up and use your voice. Finding your voice can be a tough journey for young women at times and I want them to know they aren’t alone. I’m actually coming out with a jewelry partnership with Evry Jewels where I created a necklace dedicated to sharing that very message.

Gia Giudice Digital Cover December 2023
Photo credit: Kyle Braylen Photography / Stylist: Lina Kidis

You and your boyfriend, Christian, are clearly going strong! Do you have any favorite memories or milestones from your relationship?

We are! It’s going very well; I’m really happy. The holidays are our favorite time of the year so we’re enjoying creating new memories this season. We both love traveling and have taken a lot of trips together, we always have the best time.

This is a big question … but where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

First, I see myself happy — in whichever path I choose, I just want to be happy. I hope to continue utilizing this amazing platform I’ve been given to expand my brand even more and to grow more as an influencer. I’d love to create my own brands one day. I also have a lot of other career-focused things in the works that I can’t wait to share as they happen.


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