Hamas’ Human Shields: Gazans – Top Rated Local Jewish Businesses, Places & Professionals Your One-Stop Source for All Things Jewish. Video By Jewish Digital Times


Gazans are being left to perish as Hamas recklessly endangers women and children. The militant group opts to employ mosques, hospitals, and schools as bases for storing weaponry, launching rockets, and concealing terrorist tunnels. From its establishment in 1987 to its takeover in 2007 and up to the present in 2023, Hamas has consistently exploited civilians as shields in their terrorist strategy.

This dangerous pattern, evident in November 2006, December 2008, 2011, 2017, 2021, and persisting into 2023, highlights Hamas’s deliberate endangerment of Gazans as a core element of their strategic approach. It is imperative to put an end to this perilous practice for the safety and well-being of the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.


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