How would you respond if Hamas came to your doorstep?


In an unanticipated dawn on a sacred Saturday at 6:00 a.m., aligning with the sanctity of the Jewish calendar’s holy day, the week’s revered day for the Jewish community, Hamas breached Gaza’s border fence with Israel. Invading Israeli towns, they perpetrated heinous acts, causing devastation by massacring entire families. Hamas engaged in reprehensible acts such as rape, mutilation, torture, burning, killing, and taking hostages, sparing no one – women, men, children, babies, and the elderly. The terrorists callously filmed these atrocities, proudly sharing their barbarity on the internet for all to witness.

On October 7th, Hamas unequivocally declared its sole objective: the demise of Israel. Initiating a war with Israel on the same day, any nation faced with such an event is duty-bound to defend its people. When dealing with such a neighbor, the responsibility is to ensure they never pose a threat again. On October 7th, the IDF initiated a strategic and targeted operation, aiming to achieve its objectives – rescuing hostages, dismantling Hamas, and safeguarding its citizens.

Throughout the conflict, the IDF facilitated the passage of humanitarian aid into Gaza. They also charted safe corridors for the temporary evacuation of civilians from combat zones. Meanwhile, Hamas persistently endangered its own people, launching rocket salvos from rooftops in cities like Tel Aviv, Beva, and Jerusalem. Hostages were concealed in tunnels beneath hospitals, schools, and residences.

Coexisting with a neighbor whose sole purpose is one’s demise is untenable, justifying the duty to terminate Hamas.


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