IDF Captures MASSIVE Hamas Weapons Factory; Intercepts Hezbollah Drone

Today marks the 95th day in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. Reporting live from Israel, I am Y. Pinto. It appears absurd that, throughout this war, there has been a global oversight of Hamas’s cynical and systematic manipulation of the residents in the Gaza Strip. Strangely, Israel bears the brunt of incessant criticism, while Hamas, Kisala, and other pro-Iranian entities affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards in Iran exploit their own citizens.

Under the rule of Hamas, the residents of Gaza endure immense suffering. The organization, recognized as a despicable terrorist group, shamelessly exploits the Gazan population, turning them into human shields. Values such as hatred, murder, selfishness, and personal gain are foundational to Hamas. Recordings released by the IDF reveal conversations from Unit 54, where IDF officers engage with Gaza Strip residents. In one instance, a Gazan cook recounts how Hamas pilfers UNRWA warehouses, depriving Gazan citizens of essential food supplies.

Regrettably, the situation escalates further. Another conversation exposes how a Gazan citizen shares that Hamas executed his cousin for seeking help from UNRWA. Amid this challenging war against a terrorist organization that has transformed into a formidable army, one that disregards laws and international norms, the IDF deserves acknowledgment.

In a significant development, the IDF successfully neutralized Hassan, also known as “AKA,” a key figure responsible for launching rockets from Syrian territory towards Israel on behalf of Hamas. This reaffirms that Hamas is not only operating from Gaza but also orchestrating attacks from Syria.

The IDF’s operation in the Elbig Camp, located in the heart of the Gaza Strip, uncovered extensive weapon production facilities. These included factories producing long-range rockets, explosives, precision-guided missiles, mortars, small arms, UNM aerial vehicles, and suicide drones. The camp, camouflaged within civilian buildings, proved to be a terrorist stronghold for manufacturing weapons.

The IDF’s efforts resulted in significant damage to Hamas’s weapon-manufacturing capabilities in the Gaza Strip, averting further harm to Israel. In parallel operations, the Golani Brigade’s combat team uncovered terrorist infrastructure near civilian homes and offices, exposing weapons, grenades, radios, and intelligence documents.

Tragically, four IDF soldiers fell while defending Israel. Sergeant Roal, Major D. Vit Warts, Major General Yakir Hexter, and Major General in reserves Gabriel Bloom sacrificed their lives in various battles.

Israel finds itself surrounded by adversaries, with Kisala operating in Syria and Lebanon, while Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations pose threats in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. The Houthi rebels in the south, launching missiles from Yemen toward Israel, add to the challenges.

In these trying times, Israel seeks support through prayers for peace and sharing the truth about the region’s realities. Despite not seeking war, IDF soldiers, including reserves, stand ready to defend their country. Together, let us pray for the well-being of our families and the peace of Jerusalem, united in the hope for victory.

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