IDF Chief Halevi Takes Responsibility for Mistaken Killing of 3 Hostages in Gaza


Following the tragic incident in which IDF troops mistakenly killed three Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi has publicly accepted responsibility. In a video statement, Halevi expressed deep regret and pledged to take all necessary measures to prevent similar occurrences in the ongoing conflict.

Halevi acknowledged the difficulty and pain surrounding the event, emphasizing that the three hostages—Yotam Haim, Alon Shamriz, and Samar Talalka—had survived seventy challenging days before the unfortunate incident. He clarified that the hostages had approached IDF soldiers, who, in a split-second decision, fired upon them, resulting in their deaths.

Expressing sorrow for the families of the deceased hostages, Halevi stated, “The IDF, and I as its commander, are responsible for what happened, and we will do everything to prevent the recurrence of such cases in the continuation of the fighting.”

He described the challenges faced by IDF soldiers in Gaza, including close encounters with terrorists disguised in civilian clothing, highlighting the pressure and alertness required in such situations. Halevi noted that the shooting at the hostages violated open-fire regulations since it targeted individuals raising a white flag and seeking to surrender. He attributed the incident to the complexity of combat and the pressure faced by the soldiers.

Halevi revealed that a preliminary investigation had been completed, and new protocols were immediately sent to ground forces. The IDF informed the families of the findings and transparently shared them with the public. Stressing the duty and responsibility to rescue hostages alive, Halevi emphasized the importance of determined fighting to achieve the goals of dismantling the enemy and ensuring the safety of Gaza border communities.

Despite the setback, Halevi asserted the necessity to continue the fight with strength, keeping the objectives in focus. He underscored that the return of hostages and the safety of the border communities depended on resolute and unwavering efforts in the ongoing conflict.


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