Iron Dome Successfully Intercepts Rockets Over Central Israel


Israel’s Iron Dome defense system effectively intercepted incoming rockets near Tel Aviv on Friday evening, as reported by CNN staff in the area.

The interceptions occurred shortly after the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, announced on social media that it was targeting Tel Aviv. This marks the first instance of rocket fire towards the Israeli city since the breakdown of the truce between Israel and Hamas earlier on Friday.

How it works: Israel’s Iron Dome defense system

The mobile air defense system comprises 10 batteries, each equipped with three to four maneuverable missile launchers strategically placed to create a defense barrier covering up to 60 square miles of populated areas. Israel has previously claimed a success rate of over 90%.

  • The radar identifies an incoming rocket within 2.5 to 43 miles from the battery and relays information about the rocket’s path to the command-and-control center.
  • The control center calculates the impact location and predicts whether the rocket is headed towards inhabited areas.

The system targets rockets that pose the greatest threat to urban areas and infrastructure when dealing with multiple simultaneous threats, ignoring rockets that are likely to hit unpopulated areas or the sea.

  • The control system connects to a launcher that fires a missile to destroy the rocket if interception is deemed justified.


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