Israel-Hamas Agreement: List of 14 Hostages Released from Gaza on Sunday


In a revelation on the evening of Sunday, Israel officially disclosed the identities of 14 Israeli captives liberated from the confines of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The total number of Israeli hostages set free as part of the negotiated deal with the Palestinian militant group now stands at 39. Here, we present the names and visages of those individuals:

  • Avigail Idan, Three Years Old:Avigail Idan, a three-year-old detainee, found herself orphaned during the tragic events of October 7, when her parents, Roee and Smadar, met their demise. This young soul, highlighted by US President Joe Biden, possesses American citizenship and has become an emblematic figure for the approximately 40 children held captive by Hamas. President Biden raised awareness about her plight during discussions with Qatar’s Emir. Avigail sought refuge in the Brodutch family’s abode at Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Roee Idan, Avigail’s father, a Ynet photographer, attempted to capture images of the Hamas terrorists gliding into the Kibbutz.

  • The Brodutch Family: Hagar (40), Ofri (10), Yuval (8), and Uriah (4):Avihai Brodutch remains in the dark about his wife, Hagar, aged 40, and their three children—10-year-old Ofri, and sons Yuval, 8, and Uriah, 4—since their abduction by Hamas gunmen during the assault on Israeli villages on October 7. The family’s fate remains uncertain, causing profound distress to Avihai, who emphasized their innocence in the situation. Kfar Aza, the location of their abduction, suffered greatly during the Hamas incursion, with over 240 hostages taken by the gunmen.

  • Ella and Dafna Elyakim, Eight and 15 Years Old:Sisters Ella and Dafna Elyakim, aged 8 and 15, were forcefully taken by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from their father’s residence in Kibbutz Nir Oz. The terrorists live-streamed the assault on Facebook, compelling the family to identify themselves. Noam Elyakim, the girls’ father, and his partner, Dikla Arava, along with Dikla’s son, Tomer, were escorted outside by the terrorists and later discovered lifeless near the Gaza border. Concerns have been raised by the girls’ mother, Maayan Zin, regarding the traumatic ordeal her daughters endured, evident in videos from Gaza showing them in different attire.

  • The Almog-Goldstein Family: Chen (48), Agam (17), Gal (11), and Tal (9):Chen Almog-Goldstein, 48, and her three children—Agam (17), Gal (11), and Tal (9)—have been missing since their abduction on October 7 during a Hamas offensive on Kfar Aza. Chen’s husband, Nadav, and their eldest daughter, Yam, succumbed on the same day while sheltering in the safe room of their home. Yam, hindered by recovery from surgery, remained with her father, losing contact at noon. Initially deemed missing, the rest of the family was later classified as hostages. The Almog family previously endured the loss of five members in a suicide bombing in Haifa in 2003. Doron Almog, the chairman of the Jewish Agency, is a close relative.

  • Elma Avraham, 84 Years Old:On October 7, Uri Rawitz last communicated with his mother, Elma Avraham, aged 84, who was in her residence at Kibbutz Nir Oz during a Hamas attack. Trapped in her secure room, she couldn’t secure the hefty door. Uri’s brother, also in Nir Oz, was unable to reach their mother in time. A photo emerged later, depicting Avraham seated on a motorcycle flanked by two armed terrorists, signifying her abduction during the attack.

  • Aviva Siegel, 64 Years Old:Keith (64) and Aviva (62) Siegel reside in Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Keith, born in the United States and a resident of Kibbutz Kfar Aza for over 40 years, collaborates closely with numerous doctors. Aviva, originally from South Africa, shares Keith’s profound attachment to the kibbutz. Their son, Elan, notes in a Fox News op-ed that the couple is known for their unwavering belief in peaceful coexistence. On October 7, terrorists invaded their homes, forcefully relocating them from their residences to Gaza.

  • Ron Krivoi, 25 Years Old (Russian-Israeli Dual National):Released by Hamas on Sunday evening following the intervention of the Russian government, 25-year-old Ron Krivoi, a Russian-Israeli dual national, worked as a sound engineer at the Re’im music festival massacre. He was kidnapped on October 7.

  • In this somber narrative of October 7, the profound loss and uncertainty faced by these individuals and their families underscore the tragic consequences of the Hamas assault.


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