Israel Hamas War: Day 54 – Mia Schem release, Bibas family, and more


It’s the seventh day of the Israel-Hamas peace deal, and today we learned that two women were released. One of them is Mia Shem, a 21-year-old tattoo artist, who spent 55 days in Hamas custody in Gaza. The other woman is a 40-year-old Israeli lawyer. Both women appeared visibly frail and frightened as they were paraded through a crowd of Hamas supporters.

Reports have surfaced speculating that Hamas might release not only living hostages but also the bodies of individuals. There is mention of three bodies potentially being released, with speculation that they could include the body of Cefia Bibas, along with his mother and brother. Cefir, just 10 months old, is the youngest hostage taken to Gaza. Additionally, there are suggestions that the three individuals, if released, could be IDF soldiers. However, these reports are challenging to fully verify at this time.


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