Israel-Hamas war: IDF reports troops have raided Hamas compound connected to underground network


Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in the West Asia region, the situation in Gaza remains intense. The Israeli onslaught continues unabated as leaders express a commitment to achieving their war goals, including the destruction of Hamas, releasing hostages, ensuring Gaza’s non-threat status, and securing the return of citizens in the north and south. The Israeli military reported airstrikes on a Hamas military compound along the Central Coast of the Gaza Strip, destroying a booby-trapped tunnel network that extended for hundreds of meters. This tunnel led to a facility used by Hamas for manufacturing weapons.

Hamas, on the other hand, released footage depicting its military wing engaging Israeli vehicles and soldiers on the outskirts of Gaza City in the north. Tensions have escalated on the Israel-Lebanon border, prompting heightened readiness for potential conflict. In Khan Younis, Israeli shelling resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 14 Palestinians, including nine children. Israeli raids intensify in the West Bank during the Gaza war, with security forces conducting operations and making arrests in Palestinian refugee camps. The situation remains fluid and fraught with challenges as both sides continue their military actions.


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