Israel war: NATO Chief urges extension of truce, Israel says open to extension after more releases


The truce between Israel and Hamas is on the verge of expiration. While Hamas has expressed its willingness to extend the truce, Israel has declared that its ground operations will persist post-truce. The Israeli government spokesperson, Elon Levy, conveyed that Hamas is cognizant of Israel’s offer to prolong the truce in exchange for the release of 50 additional hostages. Currently, around 184 Israelis remain captive in the Gaza Strip.

As the truce deadline approaches, various entities, including Palestinian authorities, Qatar, Egypt, the United States, the European Union, and Spain, are collaborating to extend the four-day truce. Simultaneously, Iran advocates for a permanent ceasefire, emphasizing the aim to halt Israel’s occupation in the territory.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog envisions a coalition involving Israel, the United States, and other countries to take control of Gaza temporarily. He emphasizes the necessity for international involvement to ensure effective representation of diverse interests until a lasting solution is achieved.

The IDF has facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, with over 2,000 trucks delivering water, food, and medical supplies since the conflict’s onset. The situation remains complex, with ongoing diplomatic efforts and discussions about the truce’s extension, ceasefire, and the potential international governance of Gaza.


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