Majority of Israelis reject fear of harming Jews abroad in war plans


In response to a critical question about the impact of fearing harm to Jews abroad on Israel’s war plans, an astounding 90% of respondents have firmly rejected the idea. A survey conducted by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI), and published on Friday, further revealed that this unanimous sentiment transcends political affiliations and levels of religiosity, with 92% of supporters of the National Unity Party and 87% of Religious Zionist Party voters adamantly asserting that such fear should not influence Israel’s strategic decisions. 

Defying external pressures: Israeli consensus on war plans

“What we’re witnessing here is an extraordinary level of determination among the Israeli populace,” commented Dr. Shuki Friedman, Vice President of JPPI. “The resounding rejection of external pressures underscores our nation’s unwavering commitment to prioritize national security above all else. This is a testament to the resilience and unity of the Israeli people in times of adversity.”

Prof. Yedidia Stern, President of JPPI, added, “This survey demonstrates that Israelis are resolute in their belief that our security objectives must remain the top priority. It’s a clear message that our citizens are united in their determination to safeguard our nation, both at home and abroad.”

A US SECRET Service member stands beside a White House gate, following a pro-Palestinian protest on Saturday, with ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Genocide’ written along with red handprints, symbolizing Palestinian deaths. (credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)

A complex landscape of priorities

However, the survey also painted a complex landscape of priorities among the Israeli population regarding the ongoing conflict. When asked about the main achievement that would define victory, 38% of respondents emphasized that victory would entail Gaza no longer being under Hamas control. Approximately 25% believed that victory would mean residents of the border area felt safe to return to their homes, and 14% stated that victory would be achieved if the hostages returned home. 

About one-third of Israeli Jews expressed their desire for full Israeli control over Gaza after achieving victory, and roughly 25% believed this should include the return of settlements in Gush Katif. Among coalition party voters, nearly half (44%) chose the option of both full Israeli control and a return to Gush Katif, while the opposition voters were less inclined, with only 9% favoring full Israeli control of the Strip.



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