Malmö school students make death threats, Nazi salutes against Jews


In a shocking display of hate and ignorance, students at a high school in Malmö, Sweden made death threats against Jews and performed Nazi salutes in their classrooms.

This disturbing incident, reported by Sydsvenskan, has raised serious concerns about the rise of antisemitism in schools and the effectiveness of policies meant to combat such hate speech.

The events unfolded in the context of heightened tensions following a Hamas terrorist attack in Israel and subsequent Israeli bombings in Gaza. During a moment of silence for Palestinian victims, the situation in the classroom rapidly deteriorated as students began making violent antisemitic statements.

According to Sydsvenskan, their actions included explicit threats against Jewish people and the performance of Nazi salutes, acts that are not only deeply offensive but also potentially criminal.

Malmö, Sweden (credit: DAVID CASTOR / PUBLIC DOMAIN)

Antisemitism in Sweden

Despite the school’s declared zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior, the incident was not reported to the police, a decision that has since come under scrutiny. This lack of action raises questions about the enforcement of anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech policies in educational settings.

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the prevalence of antisemitism in educational institutions and the need for more effective measures to address and prevent such occurrences.


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