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These Sister Wives sit-down interviews are bringing the drama. During the December 3 episode of the Sister Wives: One on One special, Christine Brown tells Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan the story of what happened to Kody Brown’s first wedding ring.

Christine, 51, explains that Kody, 54, and Meri Brown had a ring that he later melted down. According to Christine, Kody “didn’t want Meri, 52, to have control” over him anymore. Kody had worn that ring for 15 years before all the sister wives came together to give him the Claddagh ring.

After the one-on-one interviews take place, Meri learns that Christine told the story about Kody’s first wedding ring. “I am extremely frustrated right now,” Meri says in the episode. “Beyond. After we did the taping for the one-on-one interviews with Suki, I found out that a story was brought up about me that is not a story that I have ever shared publicly. That is my story to tell when, where, and how I want to. And somebody else took it upon themselves to tell that story, and now I’m being forced to talk about it. I’m not happy about it.”

Kody Brown
Kody Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

She continues, “It was not Christine’s business to tell. She can laugh about it all she wants, but it was not her business to tell. If I wanted to have shared that story in the last 13 years in a public way, I would have done that. She doesn’t get to come on here and tell my story without me even knowing it and me finding out later that this is what happened. And so now I feel like my hand is being forced and I have to tell my story.”

Meri explains to Suki the reason why Kody had the ring melted down. “He did not want me to have claim on him,” she says. “He didn’t think that it was fair that I had claim on him, so his way of doing that was to melt down the wedding ring. That was a symbol. That was a sign of our marriage and our commitment, and he melted it down. Who’s to say that he didn’t just melt down our whole relationship in that moment? Symbolically, that’s what he did to me.”

Meri admits she asked to keep the ring, but Kody already had it melted down without even asking her. “It was a very, very painful situation,” Meri says. This all took place 7 years before Meri’s catfishing incident. “And I spent those 7 years trying to be in this relationship with Kody that he did not want to be in with me,” she notes.

While Christine claims Robyn Brown was in the picture when Kody had his first wedding ring melted down, Robyn, 45, denies this. She says Kody wasn’t wearing a wedding ring when she met him.

Kody’s relationship with Meri is a major topic of discussion in the December 3 episode. “It’s like, I love her and want her to have a happy life, but I don’t think her and I can functionally be in a relationship of marriage,” Kody says.

Kody believes the “issue” with Meri is that she “wants love in a specific format, in a specific way. It’s something that she wants. And I have a different kind of love in a specific way and format for her.”

In a solo conversation before Meri’s emotional sit down with Kody and Robyn Brown, Kody asked Meri what she needed in their marriage. Kody reveals that he told Meri that he couldn’t give her what she wanted. “We can fake through this and I’m willing to actually put more effort into that fake if you want to,” Kody says. “But what you’re asking for, I don’t have to give you. And that’s when she said, ‘I can’t. I can’t do that.’” New episodes of the Sister Wives: One on One specials air Sundays on TLC.


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