Michigan commits react to sign-stealing investigation


Others said similar things.

“Not concerned at all,” three-star defensive end Devon Baxter said.

“I’m not really too concerned about it,” 2025 four-star defensive back Chris Ewald said.

Still, there are some frayed nerves among the Michigan commits.

Every day or so, more details emerge about the sign-stealing allegations leveled against Michigan staffer Connor Stalions.

With every new report there are more questions. Did Stalions act alone? Were Michigan coaches involved? If they were, to what extent? What was coach Jim Harbaugh’s involvement, if any?

On and on it goes. A scathing Washington Post report released Wednesday night said that Michigan coaches had access to a server where the cellphone tape of opponents’ sidelines could be viewed. But did any coaches actually utilize it?

So many unanswered questions – and for Michigan commits, some are playing wait and see.

“It’s pretty hard not to see everything getting said and posted, but as of right now I am focused on my senior season,” four-star linebacker Mason Curtis said.

Las Vegas Bishop Gorman running back Micah Kaapana said: “I’m kind of watching, more so just controlling the things that I can positively affect. My dad is following closely though.”

For three-star defensive end Dominic Nichols, the possibility of taking away bowl eligibility would be something for him to seriously consider in his recruitment.

For four-star defensive end Bobby Kanka, this could be a case of sour grapes

“I wouldn’t say I’m watching it super closely,” Kanka said. “I’m reading updates as they come through, but I’m not very worried about it. I know what kind of people are inside the walls at Michigan. People just like to hate when they don’t have it as good as Michigan does.”

Like everyone else, new details change the scope of this story and how extensive it could impact Michigan and college football in general.

Like everyone, three-star offensive lineman Jake Guarnera is sitting back trying to figure it out.

“Just waiting to see what happens,” Guarnera said.


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