Seattle synagogue vandalized amid antisemitic hate crime wave


“One of the largest synagogues in Seattle was defaced on Monday night with hateful anti-Israel propaganda,” as reported in photos and a tweet by StandWithUs. 

The photos show spray paint graffiti with sentences such as “Shame on Israel” and “Stop killing.”

“’Jewish places of worship are being desecrated in the US and around the world with increasing frequency. This is NOT normal. This is a hate crime,” the tweet said.

“On Monday, the Mercer Island Police Department investigated two reports in the three days prior, involving suspicious packages delivered to Jewish organizations in our city. The packages were determined not to be dangerous but remain suspicious, particularly in light of similar events in recent weeks throughout the region and nationally,” the police said. “We take incidents of targeted harassment very seriously and appreciate the assistance of our partners at the United States Postal Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation,” they said, adding that “the FBI is handling the investigation from this point.”

According to The Seattle Times, “at least five Jewish institutions in Seattle have received suspicious envelopes, with four containing white powder, since November 3.” Jewish Family Service CEO Rabbi Will Berkovitz added: “I would say there is fear. There’s anxiety. There’s confusion… It’s clear that it is not about Israel; it’s about hatred of Jews.”


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