The Morning After: Formula 1 wants AI to help it figure out if a car breaks track limits


The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), F1’s governing body, says it will employ Computer Vision tech at the season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend. Drivers know the exact lines to take at corners for optimal lap times, but sometimes racers go out of bounds as they try to gain an advantage, and officials need to check cars stay within track limits. Four people had to review around 1,200 potential violations in July's Austrian Grand Prix, and some track limit violations went unpunished in October’s US Grand Prix. The FIA hopes to reduce the number of possible infringements officials manually review to around 50 per race.

Oh, and a tidal wave of deals on the usual gadget suspects. Black Friday gonna Black Friday.

— Mat Smith

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Dbrand is suing Casetify for allegedly stealing its case and skin designs

Casetify apparently left in Easter eggs from Dbrand’s Teardown products.


Accessory maker Dbrand — usually — has filed a “multi-million dollar” lawsuit against Casetify for allegedly ripping off the designs of its “transparent” Teardown products. The skins and cases look like the internal components of the device they’re applied to, such as smartphones and laptops. Dbrand and YouTuber Zack “JerryRigEverything” Nelson say Casetify stole those designs. They claim Casetify’s Inside Out cases have a poorly masked version of a label on Teardown products that features Nelson’s signature phrase “glass is glass, and glass breaks.”

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NVIDIA sued for stealing trade secrets after screen sharing blunder

Valeo said NVIDIA saved millions of dollars by stealing its trade secrets.

Black Friday means… more corporate litigation! NVIDIA is facing a lawsuit from French automotive company Valeo after a screensharing blunder by one of its employees. According to Valeo’s complaint, an NVIDIA engineer who used to work for Valeo had mistakenly shown its source code files on his computer as he was sharing his screen during a meeting between both companies in 2022.

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The best Black Friday deals 2023

Get record-low prices on tech from Apple, Samsung, Google and more.


Black Friday may still technically be one day, but it’s turned into a post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. We at Engadget care most about consumer electronics, and Black Friday (along with Cyber Monday) typically brings the best prices on the best tech all year. Notable discounts this year are on AirTags, smart plugs, Dyson hair products, Sonos sound bars and more. Also, it’s worth checking out streaming services subscription deals for Peacock, Max and more.

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