Toronto woman brags online about vandalizing for Palestine, gets arreste


Toronto police’s hate crime unit has charged a 25-year-old woman with ‘Mischief interfere with the Enjoyment of Property’, after the woman allegedly vandalized a Starbucks coffee shop, according to a release from the Candian Unit 13 division earlier this week. 

While police may have some difficulty in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that a suspect is guilty, the suspect Skigh Johnson has alleviated the burden by bragging about her crime on social media. 

Skigh Johnson (credit: screenshot)

In the self-recorded video, Johnson smiled as she said “I have been doxxed online because I support Palestine. Yes, last night did I commit what you may think is a crime? Maybe…but it’s not a crime to me, I am fighting for justice. 

“I vandalized a Starbucks beside me and then I posed for the camera. I don’t need to cover my face, I’m not a criminal, I’m fighting for peace. 

“And then I wake up in the morning, mind you the cops were called on me cause of some f****** little Jewish boy and his girlfriend pulled up and he was like “What do you think that’s going to do?” and I was like: “I don’t know but we’re going to see, right?


“And then, 24 hours later almost, I’m doxxed online- whatever that means. I’m actually going to have to google that word really soon. 

Johnson to appear in court in 2024

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court at the Ontario Court of Justice, 10 Armoury Street, on Thursday, January 11, 2024.

Johnson has continued to post on social media about the arrest, frequently referencing her charge and the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

Johnson claimed that she was the only Black person in an Israeli-Jewish neighborhood and that she was bullied for this. 


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