Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign: Dec 24–30

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On Tuesday evening, a full moon in Cancer shines a light on feelings you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes it’s necessary to put your emotions to the side in order to, say, meet a big, looming deadline or support a loved one in crisis, but ignoring them forever will only lead to resentment and frustration. Carve out some time to focus on what you need. Then on Friday afternoon, Venus enters Sagittarius, and honesty becomes more crucial than ever in your relationships. This is a time to be open about what you want and need, no matter how weird or embarrassing you think they are. Finally, on Saturday night, Jupiter retrograde ends. As the planet of luck begins moving forward again, your optimism returns, your confidence grows. No matter how dark things have seemed, you’ll see the future isn’t set in stone. So much is possible. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

It can be difficult for you to be gentle with yourself. Maybe you’re worried it would be self-indulgent; maybe all your caring energy is directed toward others, or you’re simply too busy rushing around to slow down and tend to your needs. This week, it’s important that you go easy on yourself. Your challenge isn’t to be strong or to achieve more — you’re already doing fine on both fronts. Instead, make a point of getting the rest, affirmation, or human connection you need.

Like most of us, you probably have certain people in your life who make you feel small, intentionally or not. Around them, your accomplishments seem diminished, your charm falls flat, your confidence deflates. It’s rotten, even though it’s no reflection on you. This week, make a point of pushing back any time you feel like shrinking. You know you’ve worked hard to get where you are, and that your wisdom and insight have value. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

A bit of conflict in close relationships isn’t a bad thing. No two people can have perfectly aligned opinions and desires all the time, and it’s better to be open about the differences than to pretend they don’t exist. Even so, interpersonal friction has been trying your patience, lately. There’s already enough stress and drama in your life. You want your relationships to be a soft place to land, not another battleground. And fortunately for you, this week offers an excellent opportunity to smooth over problems and find common ground. Don’t be too stubborn to compromise.

You take social responsibility seriously, so you think a lot about what you owe others. What do your friends need from you, and what are you able to give? What role do you play in your community? How can you show up for those who are suffering? Just remember, this week, that it isn’t your duty to be a martyr to pretend to others or to yourself that you have no needs of your own. It isn’t fair or reasonable to expect yourself only to give. You’re allowed to ask for help, too.

You aren’t one to treat your emotions casually. When you love someone — platonically or romantically — you’re in it for the long haul; when a person hurts you, you’re not quick to forgive. You tend to hold onto feelings (and grudges) even when it would lighten your load to release them. This week, it’s time to move on. You’ve grown and changed and there’s a wild, thrilling future ahead of you. There’s little use dwelling on the past. Give yourself permission to let go.

Even when your social life is full, you can still be lonely. A packed calendar is no guarantee of meaningful connection, and spending time with people who don’t get you can be more isolating than being alone. But this week, you’re well positioned to dispel your loneliness. Maybe you’ll meet someone new you click with, or you’ll come to a deeper understanding of an old friend. Maybe a brief chance encounter will remind you you’re not alone. Whatever happens, you’ll feel connected to the world around you again, like you’ve finally landed in the right place.

You like to be praised and given compliments (who doesn’t?), but a big part of you doesn’t trust what you’re hearing. They’re only flattering you. They talk that way to everyone. They’re saying what they think I want to hear, you tell yourself. You may be protecting your heart this way, but you’re also closing yourself off to kindness. This week, try to take people at their word. Trust that when they speak affectionately or admiringly about you, it’s because they recognize something special in you. You know that you’re wonderful — why wouldn’t others see it too?

You’re independent by nature, not scared to spend time alone. It doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy socializing or never get lonely (everyone does at times), only that you trust your own judgment and enjoy your own company. But this week you’ll experience your happiest moments, clearest flashes of insight, and most surprising strokes of luck when you’re with loved ones. Whether you’re working together or just hanging out, human connection is vital during the darkest days of winter. Other people introduce an element of unpredictability into life, and that can bring frustration. Right now, though, it’s more likely to lead to unexpected joy.

On bad days, or nights you’re kept up by a racing mind, you worry that your confidence might be unfounded, your faith in yourself unrealistic at best. You aren’t someone who relies on external validation, but when doubt creeps in, a bit more of it would be nice. This week, finally, you’re likely to get it. Don’t worry so much about making a good impression. You don’t have to try to appear cool or interesting or brilliant. Your best qualities already shine bright, and people are noticing.

What you need most, this week, is a break from thinking about yourself. More specifically, you need to stop beating yourself up. You’ve put so much thought lately into whether you’re working hard enough or being a good person, and you haven’t been going easy on yourself. Self-awareness is admirable — more people could stand to be as honest with themselves as you are — but at a certain point, all that critical self-talk makes it hard to keep going. For now, shift your focus to your relationships, other people, the small ways you can make yourself useful in the world outside.

You’re sometimes unrealistic in your expectations for yourself. Not so much when it comes to big life ambitions, but certainly when it comes to your ordinary routines. You want to make the most of your time on earth. It pains you to let a single minute go to waste. This week, you may need a reminder that rest isn’t wasted time. Wandering aimlessly around the city, chatting with your friends, even spending a whole afternoon doing nothing at all — that can be productive. So be kinder to yourself.

You pay attention, which means you’re constantly picking up new information, ideas, and stories. You hardly have to work at it — you simply follow your natural curiosity. This week, though, you’ll benefit from taking a more intentional approach to learning. What subjects do you want to know more about? What skills do you want to develop? Remember that you don’t have to wait around for the universe to send you down any one path; you can forge your own.

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