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Zoë Kravitz, a Sagittarius.
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On Wednesday morning, the sun enters Sagittarius, and early Friday morning, action planet Mars follows. Add Mercury, which entered the sign of the Archer last week, and you’ve got three planets in one of the most honest, outspoken, and adventurous signs in the zodiac. This is a time to be bold and authentic, even when it carries risk. Tell the people you love how you feel about them. Go after what you want, long shot or not. If you act with confidence, optimism, or simply a bit of faith in the universe, you can get farther than you’d imagined possible.

When you aren’t getting the results you want — whether you feel you’re moving too slowly toward your goals, or traveling in the wrong direction altogether — the answer is often a matter of perspective. Change doesn’t happen overnight, remember. If you’ve been at it for a while, though, it might be time to change your strategy, or even your goals themselves. This week is a good opportunity to learn new skills, to flex the ones you already have, and to seek out people who have something to teach you. You can expand your knowledge and your imaginings if you want to.

If you’re already stressed or tired or overloaded by your daily obligations, it can be wise to avoid additional conflict. Why give yourself more to deal with than you already have? The problem with this approach is that sometimes, dodging awkward interactions and uncomfortable situations ends up being more work than facing them head-on. This week, if you’re brave enough to engage, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s clarifying, even transformative, to stand up for yourself, to have the tough conversations, and stop hiding your true feelings away.

You believe it’s important to surround yourself with the right people. But who exactly the “right” people are can change over time, even day to day. Sometimes, you just need to be around friends who will be kind and affirming. Other times, you’re drawn to those who can surprise you or make you laugh or challenge you. This week, what you need is people who will stand up for you, who show you what strength looks like. The allies you need most right now aren’t the ones who’ll tell you what you want to hear, but the ones who’ll help you be brave.

What you want most, recently, is a sense of purpose. You want to feel like you’re in the thick of the action, making a difference, using your time on earth to the fullest—not wasting your days on mindless busywork. This week, though, you’ll make the greatest difference not through great, dramatic feats, but ordinary acts of care. Be the one to show up with food when a friend is going through it or the one to stay and or tidy up after a gathering. Do the boring coordinating no one wants to and plan the gathering. You can find purpose, even joy, in knowing that you’re making yourself useful.

In order to learn about yourself and grow, you have to stretch yourself sometimes, push your skills to the limit, and try things that don’t come naturally to you. But that doesn’t mean you need to exist in a constant state of struggle. This week, follow your instincts and play to your strengths. Start with the tasks that are effortless, the work that you feel like you were born to do. Just because something’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone, or that it isn’t worth doing.

Sometimes, it feels like the only way to stay safe is to wall yourself off from other people, to fortify your emotional defenses and commit to making your own little corner of the world a place of comfort and peace and beauty. The more you despair of actually changing the world, the more you want to retreat from it. This week, though, do the opposite: Engage with the chaos that is other people. Reach out instead of closing yourself off. Try to treat the whole world like your home and all the people in it like family (because it is, and they are.)

You’re constantly conducting debates inside your head, arguing with yourself, weighing the pros and cons of an upcoming decision you’ll have to make. Or maybe you’ve been fantasizing about fights with other people: workshopping points you’ve been wanting to make to your partner, going off on the friend you just can’t see eye to eye with these days. So take the well-reasoned case you’ve been building in your head, and actually let the other person hear it. You deserve the chance to talk it over out loud (note: talk, not rant or shout), in the real world. And they deserve a chance to respond.

Determining what matters most to you — not just what you think you’re supposed to care about or what other people tell you to care about — will be a challenge this week, but it’ll also be rewarding. You have to set aside the “rules,” release ideas and beliefs you’ve outgrown, and be honest with yourself about who you really are, what you really care about. What would you be willing to change, to give up, if it meant getting closer to the life you want?

For a while now, you’ve felt like a muted version of yourself. Your energy is blocked and your ambitions stifled, or you’re suddenly less funny and cool than you usually are. You’ve been working to build back your spirit and your radiant self-confidence, but the work isn’t complete. This week, finally, you’ll come fully alive again. You’ll remember that you’re powerful, full of vitality, and there’s nobody like you. This is your moment to show the world — and more importantly, yourself — what you can do.

Everyone has dreams, but you’ve got more than that: You have the drive and determination to bring yours to life. Sometimes, though, your goals start to feel more burdensome than motivating: You’re always measuring yourself against your progress and coming up short. You worry that you haven’t accomplished enough, that maybe you never will. This week, take a good hard look at your expectations. Give your ego and ambitions a break and focus on being part of a community. You don’t have to be a great success, you only have to be a human being.

This week, rekindle your faith in the universe by dreaming about the future. Let your imagination expand, robust and wild. Envision worlds that are peaceful, beautiful, just; think about what it would look like if everyone had what they needed, not just a few. Yes, there are practical matters that need your attention, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to imagine more. A bit of dreaminess could be the fuel that keeps you going through the dark times right now.

Lately it feels like everyone is pushing you around: setting rules about what you’re allowed to do, think, believe. Pressuring you to look and behave a certain way. Telling you who you need to trust. They might say they’re doing this with your best interests at heart, might even believe it, but that doesn’t make it okay. This week, your challenge is to strike out on your own — to approach the world with an open mind and heart, and to do the difficult work of figuring out for yourself what you believe.

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