Israel-Hamas War: IDF DESTROYS Hamas Buildings & UNCOVERS An Underground Terror Tunnel


Amidst the 43rd day of the conflict between Gaza and Israel, I, Y. Pinto, bring you updates from Israel. The ongoing clashes in the Gaza Strip have seen a notable development attributed to recent rainfall. Initially thought to impede Israeli maneuvers in muddy terrain, the substantial downpour unexpectedly flooded Hamas’ underground tunnels. Tragically, several Hamas operatives met their demise as they sought refuge in submerged bunkers, while others sought shelter in identifiable buildings, unwittingly exposing themselves to IDF surveillance. The IDF promptly targeted and neutralized these specific locations in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

During IDF special forces operations in Gaza, aimed at establishing a sustainable operational base to support ongoing efforts against Hamas, a subterranean tunnel, 20 meters beneath street level, was uncovered. To eliminate this threat, the IDF deployed two drones. The first exploded at the blast door, while the second penetrated the tunnel, neutralizing the terrorists within. In a separate mission, IDF forces captured a military base linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a group operating alongside Hamas and supported by Iran. Unveiling a weapons manufacturing facility, the IDF discovered weapons, missiles, and training capabilities meant for equipping terrorists.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad retaliated with an RPG rocket fired from a nearby courtroom, dangerously close to another hospital in Gaza. IDF forces easily identified and neutralized this threat, emphasizing the ease with which Hamas operates within civilian structures like hospitals, mosques, kindergartens, and schools—areas protected by international conventions. After a 12-hour confrontation, the IDF successfully seized the Hamas base and weapons factory in the northern front with Lebanon.

The conflict persists as IDF forces target locations from which adversaries carry out attacks against Israeli civilians and territory. This prolonged struggle prompts a call for collective prayers for the families enduring the uncertainty of their loved ones’ safety serving in the IDF. The nation grapples with this challenging situation, and unity in prayer is sought until the IDF restores security by eradicating the Hamas threat. We implore you to share this account of the situation in Israel with your acquaintances and representatives, aiding in the continued fight against Hamas and the release of hostages. Let our collective prayers echo for the peace of Jerusalem.


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