Israeli President: We are fighting the battle of the entire civilized world


Greetings, cherished sisters and brothers. A month has transpired since our world underwent an irrevocable transformation due to the tragic events in southern Israel orchestrated by Hamas. This incident compelled us to confront a malevolence that, in the modern world, was not anticipated. It is imperative to clarify that this is not merely a conflict between Israel and Hamas. While Israel is actively engaged on the ground, it is, in essence, fighting a battle that concerns the entire civilized world.

In this fight against evil, we are resolute in standing up. As I gaze outside my window here in Yush, I witness a thriving Israel, defying all adversities. Concurrently, our sons and daughters in uniform are courageously stationed on the front lines, defending us. Israelis from diverse backgrounds are demonstrating remarkable solidarity. Jewish communities worldwide are rallying with unprecedented energy, offering support and solidarity from every corner of the globe. Israel stands firm, and the world stands with Israel.

However, in the aftermath of these massacres, we have witnessed a disturbing surge in anti-Semitism globally. Stars of David adorn homes in France, families in London alter routines due to fear of attacks, and hateful demonstrations unfold. Tragically, an elderly Jewish protester lost their life in Los Angeles. This reality underscores the close connection between anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment. Once again, in Jewish history, we echo the demand: “Let our people go.”

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to cling steadfastly to our values and truths. Confronting such challenges requires courage and moral clarity. I am confident that we will emerge stronger. To all my brothers and sisters around the world, I extend a heartfelt message from the President’s residence in our eternal capital, Jerusalem.


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