SNL Still Isn’t Over the Avatar Logo Using Papyrus


The Avatar movie getting a sequel can mean only one thing: a sequel for Ryan Gosling’s classic SNL sketch lambasting its logo’s use of Papyrus font. Cut for time, perhaps because of how much breaking there was during this week’s episode or perhaps because of its nearly 7 minute runtime, “Papyrus 2” begins by showcasing how much progress Gosling’s character has made since his font-related breakdown in the original sketch. He’s careful to avoid the font in everyday life, but nearly has a setback when Avatar: The Way of Water begins playing while he’s at the dentist. But before he can change the channel, the sequel’s new logo appears on the screen. “The logo is different. Ok, it’s not a huge improvement, but it’s not Papyrus. Somebody must have said something,” an elated Gosling says. But then comes a chilling discovery about this supposedly new and improved design. “He just put it in bold.” Gosling’s character can’t let this stand, so he pulls a long con where he begins dating an IT specialist at Disney in order to get an invitation to the “Disney Graphics Awards Ball” where he finally confronts the designer of Avatar’s logo as he accepts an award. It’s then that new revelations are discovered, and we finally come to peace.


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