Sydney Sweeney’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Tackled Glen Powell Rumors


Sydney Sweeney got it all off her chest in her Saturday Night Live monologue, and not just because she threw in a joke about her boobs. While hosting the March 2 episode of SNL, Sweeney took the time to deny being in Madame Web and address multiple rumors about herself, from that infamous birthday party in Idaho (“When people ask, did you go to a Trump-themed party for your mom, I say, I-da-ho”) to the TikToker who claimed she was her nutritionist (“I’ve never had a nutritionist. I’m in shape because I run, avoid sugar, and do Ozempic”). Then it was time to tackle the allegations that she had a workplace affair with her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell. An initial beat of silence from the audience was a testament to just how convincing Sweeney and Powell were on that flirty press tour.

Still, Sweeney insisted that this particular rumor is “obviously not true,” pointing out that she co-produced the film with her fiancé, the man of her dreams. But when she asked the cameras to cut to her supportive future husband, it was Powell who was grinning back from the audience. Later in the show, he appeared in a sketch as a man she has an affair with. These SNL cameos come less than two weeks after Powell released his inhibitions and sang with Sweeney and Natasha Bedingfield at the People’s Choice Awards. No one can say this work husband isn’t putting in work.

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