Lindsay Hubbard on her BravoCon Friendship Bracelets


Bravo fans have been showering Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard in support at BravoCon 2023. Also friendship bracelets. Since her split with cast mate Carl Radke, Hubbard has been really been taking strength from her friends and her fans. And at BravoCon, the line between those two kinda blurs. “Here’s what I love about Bravo: the fans are incredible,” she said. “They feel like we are their friends in their minds, and their support is everything.” Hubbard paired her red pleather jumpsuit with friendship bracelets. “I got all these from fans!” she said. “It really just infuses a strength in you. It’s this ultimate support.”

Filming this season of Summer House was also all about girlypop solidarity, Hubbard said: “This summer, I really had a great time connecting and rebuilding with the girls. Danielle and I are back on track. Their support meant everything to me.” Hubbard pointed to Barbie as one source of all this girl power in the culture, but Girl Year also felt inevitable. “I’m honestly glad that that’s where we’re going, it’s about time that we’re focusing on the female,” she said. The recently announced season 8 of Summer House reflects that. “It really became a story about sisterhood, and female friendships,” Hubbard said. “How strong we are, you know? And that we should takeover the world.”


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