Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign: March 3–9


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This week, Mercury moves through the final degrees of Pisces before entering Aries on Saturday night. As it makes the journey, you’re likely to be a bit more sensitive than usual. Try to see this as a good thing: Tap into your compassion and let it guide you. Once the communication planet enters Aries, the vibe shifts and it’s time to be brave and decisive. Don’t shy away from spontaneity or risk! You don’t need to have all the answers, you only have to speak from the heart. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

You aren’t the sort of person to wait around for life to happen; you’d rather take action. Maybe that’s gotten you labeled assertive, impatient — truth is, it’s not easy for you to sit back and see what happens. This week, though, a less forceful approach might be best. You’ll be amazed how much you learn if you listen before jumping in with your own ideas, surprised by all the possibilities that crop up if you just give them time to develop. It’s not about being weak or passive, but staying open and taking your time.

Lately, you’ve felt overlooked, forgotten. You suspect that everyone is having fun without you; you sense that your contributions at work aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Even though you know that you have a lot to offer, you worry nobody else does. This week, dispel that feeling by reaching out and making connections. No need to languish in isolation. Call someone you’ve been missing, invite friends over, show up at a neighborhood gathering. You aren’t alone, and there are so many people who appreciate your presence — you just have to see it to believe it.

Even at the best of times you tend to be hard on yourself, but lately, you’ve been especially unforgiving. You’re stuck on times you’ve embarrassed yourself, made silly choices, or hurt people you care about, and you’re driven to punish yourself for all of it. This week, cut yourself some slack. That doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook completely, abandoning your standards and pretending you’ve never done anything you regret. Don’t shut out the past, make peace with it. If you need to clear the air with anyone, do. Whether you need to apologize to somebody else or forgive yourself, you have a chance to move forward.

You’re braver than you realize. You just forget, sometimes. Everyday life gets in the way. You tell yourself that you’re too busy to embark on new adventures, too depleted from tackling your endless to-do list to take any leaps of faith. This week, try to get back in touch with your daring side. Imagine that you could let some of your tasks go undone, or allow your home to get a little messy, or miss a not-actually-urgent deadline. The world will not end, and you’ll have time and energy, finally, for the things that matter to you most.

You aren’t pessimistic by nature, but recently, it’s been harder than usual to find a sense of hope or connection. All the cruelty in the world seems to be on full display, and in the face of so much sadness, you’ve struggled to find purpose in your own life. What’s the point of trying to make the world better if you’re up against this much? This week, though, you can find strength in the knowledge that you’re still here, still fighting — and you aren’t the only one. The more you can connect with others who care as much as you do, the less afraid you’ll feel.

Right now, it’s important not to spend too much time alone with your thoughts. You might not be in the mood to do much socializing at the moment, but getting stuck in your head makes it all too easy for you to get tangled up in your stresses, insecurities, and bad habits. When you start overthinking everything, it’s hard to find clarity alone. At a certain point, you need to turn to other people. They can offer a reality check, help you see the issue from a fresh perspective, ask the important questions. This week, don’t insist on thinking through your problems on your own. Let the people who love you help.

Your imagination is wild and active right now; You’re able to envision ways the world could be better, so many alternate paths you could have taken. It’s beautiful and exhilarating, but frustrating too — in comparison with the vivid hues of your daydreams, real life seems dull and lacking. So your challenge, this week, is to find the wonder in the world around you. It could be art or the beauty of the natural world, of the miraculous joy of connecting with other people. Keep fighting for a better world, but don’t forget about the magic that already exists.

You’re good at identifying what’s not possible: the projects that aren’t feasible, the relationships that would never work out, the dreams that don’t translate to the real world. You’re not negative, simply realistic; you don’t want to invest time and energy into fantasies that are never going to become reality. This week, though, it may be worth it after all to work toward goals that seem impossible at the moment. The universe is surprising, and your willpower is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t quit before you’ve even begun.

Usually, you’re good at keeping your eyes on your own paper, focusing on what you have to do. Lately, though, you’ve been distracted by everybody else around you. They all appear to be more accomplished than you are, or more interesting, or happier. It’s hard not to compare, and once you start, it’s even harder to stop. This week, though, it’s important to refocus. The lives of others probably aren’t truly as thrilling as they look from the outside — and even if they were, all you can do is live your own the best way you can.

You often get the sense that you’re the only person in the room who’s thinking clearly. When everyone at work gets caught up in impossible, pie-in-the-sky dreams, it’s up to you to bring the conversation back down to earth. When your friends start feeling sorry for themselves, you’re the one to remind them of all they’ve got going for them. This week, though, your job isn’t to be the voice of reason but simply to listen. Strengthening your connections with others through open-minded empathy is more important right now than being correct about everything.

You tend to approach your emotions with thoughtfulness and curiosity. Some people treat their feelings as though they are mystical and ultimately unknowable, but you want to understand where yours come from, what they mean, how you can respond to them. This week, though, take a break from intellectualizing everything. This doesn’t mean that your every thought and feeling is pure and infallible, or that your self-criticism isn’t useful. It just means that you’re a human — not just a thinking being, but an emotional one, too. Every once in a while, you have to put your rational mind aside and let yourself simply feel.

Sometimes, you find yourself swayed by the moods and preferences of whoever happens to be in the room with you. It isn’t that you’re a pushover (when it really counts, you’ll stand your ground), but you’re happy to be accommodating when you can. This week, though, try to pay a little less attention to everybody else’s needs, and a little more to your own — especially if the person you’re with doesn’t tend to reciprocate your generosity. You aren’t guaranteed to have all your preferences catered to (nobody is!), but at least do yourself the service of expressing them.

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