Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign: April 7–13


Michelle Zauner, an Aries.
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On Monday afternoon, the solar eclipse in strong-willed Aries brings a jolt of intensity and raw emotion. Like all eclipses, this one is sure to bring change, whether it’s a subtle shift in your emotions or a major transformation of your life. It might not be easy (eclipses have a way of throwing a wrench into the works, no matter how carefully you’ve planned), but if you can stay open to the unexpected, you might get what you didn’t even know you needed. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

You’ve often suspected that you’re capable of more than others realize, that you’re deeper, wiser, more complicated than anybody (maybe yourself included) gives you credit for. But if you had the chance to prove yourself, you know you would; given the opportunity to shine, you’d exceed all expectations. This week, you might finally get that chance you’ve been hoping for. Your opening won’t be exactly the one you expected, and might be more challenging than you bargained for, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Be brave now, and it’ll change your life in unanticipated ways.

The more you’ve been neglecting your needs, physical or emotional, the clearer it will be this week that something needs to change. If you’ve been working at an unsustainable pace, it’ll become imperative to slow down; if you’ve been caught up in relationships that only drain you, something will have to give. Even if you only have the capacity to care for yourself in seemingly small ways right now, do what you can. You deserve much more kindness than you’ve been getting from the world around you — the least you can do is extend some to yourself.

This week, moments of human connection, however small, are likely to blossom into something bigger. Maybe your kindness will make a stranger’s day, maybe a brief conversation will lead to a lasting relationship, maybe you’ll meet someone who will help you out down the line. The important thing is not to assume that you know which moments will be the important ones. Your job now is to quietly plant the seeds, without any particular expectation, and trust that the greater narrative arc will develop in time.

Sometimes you avoid setting lofty goals, not because you don’t have faith in your abilities but because you want to stay realistic. You’d rather underpromise and overdeliver than vice versa. But this week, dream bigger. You don’t have to start taking action yet, or even tell anybody else about your vision. The point is that simply by daring to want more for yourself, the possibilities begin to expand. Your dreams may not come true the way you want them to, but ambition itself is a kind of power: Don’t shy away from it.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling vaguely dissatisfied with life, the problem is simply that your expectations aren’t grounded in reality. Even the most wonderful existence includes stressful days and humdrum ones in equal measure. This week, though, your restlessness may be a sign of something bigger — not that you need to blow up your life and start from scratch, but that you’re badly in need of adventure, excitement, something more. Pay attention to the world and the people around you, and you’re likely to find what you’ve been looking for: an opportunity to help, to get involved, to take the sorts of risks that will bring you a fresh sense of purpose.

Your energies are scattered all over the place lately, and there’s a part of you that likes this. It’s nice not to feel like your entire career depends on the success of a single project, or that your whole support system is made up of just one person. But when your attention is spread too thin, you never get the chance to get to the bottom of any one topic or build genuine intimacy in any relationship. This week, look for opportunities to dive past the surface level and go deep.

You’ve been working to identify the problems in your relationships — with others, but more importantly with yourself — and the dynamics that haven’t been working for you. This week, it’s time to get real about what you’ll do next. Simply naming the damaging patterns isn’t enough: You have to make a change too. If you haven’t already, start looking forward. And if you don’t yet believe that you deserve the kinds of relationships you’ve been longing for — or that it’s possible to build them — fake it until you do.

Even if you tend to be a creature of habit, your schedule has been shaken up recently. Maybe other people have created complications, maybe the universe is at fault, maybe you have been the one to do the shaking, whether out of frustration or simply a desire to try something new. Now, it’s up to you to decide where you’re going next — no more mindlessly going along with old patterns. You don’t have the power to dictate everything that goes on in the world, but you do get to control how you spend your own time. Don’t let that power go to waste.

For some time, you’ve been engaged in the work of reviving your imagination, rethinking what your life could look like, rebuilding your confidence. If routines have gotten boring, you’ve experimented with new ones; if old goals no longer inspire you, you’ve been searching for new sources of motivation. This week, as all that thinking and hoping begins to take root, you’re entering a different phase. Something new is beginning, and your task now isn’t to spur it onward but to let the momentum of the work you’ve done already carry you forward.

This week could feel like you’ve been suddenly thrust into an entirely new world. All the familiar landmarks seem slightly out of place, the people around you are acting in unexpected ways, your usual strategies for making sense of life aren’t working the way they should. This might make you feel vulnerable, tempting you to close your heart and shore up your defenses. Instead, try leaning into the wild unknown. The more you’re willing to risk discomfort right now, the more your life can change for the better.

You may experience more problems than usual this week: Tasks you expect to go quickly end up taking forever; interactions that could be straightforward become strangely thorny. It seems like whenever the universe has a chance to make things more complicated for you, it does. The key is not to stew in frustration and resentment (justified though you may be), but simply to face any challenges as they arise. Every time you surmount an obstacle, you get stronger and more confident. With each victory, you’re reminded that you have the power to change your life.

You sometimes become so absorbed in the world of your imagination that you lose sight of what’s directly in front of you, so caught up in your emotions that you forget to tend to the material conditions of your life too. This week, pay attention to the things in your life that are solid and real. Activities like cleaning your living space, moving your body, or checking your bank account can seem uninspiring or unimportant, but if you make sure all the boring tasks are in order, the fun parts will follow.

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