Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign: April 14–20


Saoirse Ronan, an Aries.
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This week brings the end of Aries season; on Friday morning, the sun leaves the impulsive sign of the ram and enters dependable Taurus. If Aries season was a time for starting new projects and setting off on adventures, Taurus season will be a time to remain steadfast, tapping into your determination and committing to staying the course. You know who you are and what you’re working toward, and nobody has the power to intimidate or distract you. Your stubbornness is a powerful force; make the most of it. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

You don’t tend to be overly concerned with physical possessions. You don’t practice an austere lifestyle, but your identity isn’t tied up in the stuff you own, either. This week, though, you might find it surprisingly useful to pay a bit more attention to your belongings. If they’re cluttering up your space, spend some time sorting and getting rid of what you no longer need; if there’s some small material comfort you’ve been longing for, don’t deny yourself. It might not change your life in the long run, but it could be exactly what you need in this moment.

If you’ve felt unlucky lately (maybe only for the past few weeks, maybe for much longer), that’s about to change. It’s as though all the good things have been stored up, like all the kindness in the universe has been waiting to reveal itself to you until now. This doesn’t mean you’ll get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it — the universe is stranger and more surprising than that — but it does mean that you’re about to turn a corner, and you’ll find a brighter world on the other side.

You tend to be happiest when you’re right in the thick of things. It’s not that you want to be the star of the show, per se, but you want to be where the people are and where the action is happening. You’d rather have too much on your schedule than too little. This week, though, it’s time to take a break. The harder you’ve been pushing lately, and the more you’ve been rushing around, the more you’ll benefit from taking your foot off the gas for a bit. Don’t imagine that you’re giving up your vibrant, exciting life. You’re just resting and refueling before you dive back in.

You’re keenly aware of other people’s feelings, finely attuned to your friends’ subtle signals and unspoken cues. Sometimes, this sensitivity makes you excellent at navigating complex social dynamics and unfamiliar situations. Other times, it just makes human interaction more stressful than it needs to be, especially when you start reading too deeply into people’s comments and overthinking your own actions. Try to stop worrying so much about what’s going on in other people’s heads. You aren’t a mind reader and you don’t have to be perfect: Trust that as long as you say what you feel and act according to your values, you won’t go wrong.

Daily life can be dull enough already; the last thing you want is to be boring or mediocre yourself. Why be ordinary when you could be dazzling? Why stay in the middle of the pack when you could stand out? The harder you try to impress other people, though, the less successful you’re likely to be. For now, at least, focus on doing your job well and showing up where you’re needed, whether or not anybody else seems to notice. If you can work under the radar for now, it’ll pay off down the line.

It’s one thing to be open to the unexpected in a theoretical sense, but something else entirely to put it into practice. The call to adventure always seems to come when it’s least convenient; exciting invitations come your way when your plate is already full. Timing is important, of course, but sometimes the best thing you can do is jump at opportunities as they arise. This week, consider taking a risk or two. If you trust your gut and stay true to your principles, you might choose impulsively, but you won’t choose wrong.

Recently, you’ve felt sick of your life, your routines, even your own personality. You dream about making the kind of bold choice that could transform your whole existence, imagining how you might become somebody cooler or better or just different than you are. Right now, though, you’ll be happiest not by trying to change yourself, but by working to be more truly and determinedly the person you already are. You don’t need to develop brand-new talents or a radically different self. Work with what you have.

This week, your stubbornness and determination are likely to be activated, especially if they’ve been lying dormant. Some people won’t like this side of you — they prefer you to be sweet and agreeable to the point of being a pushover — but you don’t have to listen to them. It’s true you have to make compromises, just like everyone else. You’re not the only person on earth or the only one with needs that matter. When it comes to what’s really important, though, you’re more than justified in putting your foot down, and the people who count will understand.

You love a grand gesture, a decisive moment, a powerful instant that changes everything. Change is inevitable, so you might as well go big. For you, life’s more interesting when there’s a bit of drama in it. There are times when change seems to happen overnight, but you’re likely to be disappointed if you count on it this week. The key right now is consistency: A slow and steady approach might feel boring to you, but make a little bit of progress every day and the results will soon seem like magic.

No matter how committed you are to your job or your creative projects or your community, no matter how much time you spend working, you tend to worry that you aren’t doing enough. Even after you’ve given your all, you still feel like you could (and should) have done more. So this week, it’s up to you to be a bit stubborn about your right to set limits, to rest, to carve out time for enjoying yourself. Nobody, not even you, can be productive all the time. Don’t let anyone — least of all yourself — convince you that relaxing is a waste of time.

You have a clear code of personal ethics: While you’re willing (and often happy!) to break the rules others try to impose on you, you’re serious about following your own. It’s easy to hold yourself to standards you’d never dream of holding your friends to, to expect perfection of yourself even though you’re generous with the people you love. But this week, make sure you’re not being unnecessarily hard on yourself. Your ideals are beautiful and worthy. Just remember that you’re human, too, and you deserve compassion just like everybody else.

Feeling everything as deeply as you do is a gift, but when every conversation is an emotional journey, or when every interaction with a stranger has the potential to be meaningful and deep, it’s challenging to go about your day. Your compassion threatens to overwhelm you, making it hard to manage your own life, let alone be of use to others. Try to focus on tending to your physical self. Eat well, go to sleep early, take a long walk in the afternoon sun. In small moments like these, you’ll find a much-needed reprieve from all the emotional intensity.

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