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My chest is no longer my own and the bras I have loved for many years no longer work for the pregnancy chest that keeps growing. So I wanted to share my favorite before and after getting pregnant bras with you guys!

Pre Pregnancy:

Everyday: Harper Wilde Underwire Bra
This has been my go-to bra for about three years pre getting pregnant. It goes with everything, has great coverage, is super comfortable, and provides great support. It was my “everything” bra. I had it in multiples of colors and I couldn’t love it more. I had to move on once pregnancy hit because I grew out of it and wanted something wireless.

Working Out: Lululemon High Support Bra 
If you need a high-impact bra that will hold you down, look no further than this sports bra. Cannot recommend it enough for running/jumping — say goodbye to workout pain!

Strapless: Wacoal Convertible Strapless Bra / Natori Underwire Strapless Bra 
Both of these bras are great strapless bras that I love. The Wacoal is a cult classic and I would say gives more full coverage to your chest where the Natori one is a little less coverage but with the same support. No strapless bra is truly ever that comfortable, but I think these are the best two options out there. 

Seamless/Wireless: Tommy John Comfort Smoothing Bralette
This bra was my go-to comfort bra. It was seamless so it was great for tighter/thinner shirts, and it was completely wireless so it felt like you’re wearing nothing. It was a more full coverage bralette so there was never any spill out but the only drawback was that it didn’t provide a ton of support (as bralettes do). It was enough to still love and wear it often but not enough for continual every day.

During Pregnancy (or for a more comfortable non-pregnancy/large chest look):

Everyday with Support + Padding: Wacoal No-Wire Contour Bra / Wacoal Wireless T-Shirt Bra
These are my two new bras since getting pregnant! I went into Nordstrom and got fitted for my new (two sizes bigger…) bra and communicated to the sales associate Annette (who works at The Westchester Nordstrom and is wonderful) that I was pregnant, needed full coverage and support, no wires, comfort was key, and that I’m likely going to keep growing. 

We tried on about 10 different bras and these two were my far and away favorites. I feel like Wacoal just does it better than everyone else — especially for larger chested girls! After wearing my bralette for three months (eek) it was nice to have something with some real support. I find myself wearing the no-wire contour bra more as of late but both are seriously game changers!

Every day without Support/More Casual: Tommy John Comfort Smoothing Bralette
I’ll admit this bra (which I have in three colors) are worn to the bone after my first trimester. I completely wore them to the bone because it was all that would accommodate my growing chest and felt comfortable. I loved wearing it and still do but I know now that I need more support for my back. These are more used for sleep now but I would rank these up there on a top 10 holy grail list for the growing/painful first-trimester chest. 

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