Weekend Update: October 22 | Connecticut Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


Who is she?! Three blog posts in one week? A weekend update post? Wowowow ya girl is BACK.

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-Every time I try and convince myself that I don’t need another knot headband, one like this comes out and I question everything. Like I need this right??

Weekend Plans: My parents are here for the weekend (well, my mom has been here for almost two weeks now but my dad comes in today!) so we’re hoping to get some projects done around the house. Specifically in the linen and nursery closet as well as finishing up a project in the needlepoint office from when they were here in March!

Currently Watching: It feels like all my shows are finally coming back but a new one that has seriously caught my attention is Dopesick on Hulu. It is SO GOOD. So informative and interesting because I really had no idea what went into or how the oxycontin crisis started. 

What Made Me Happy: Having my mom here, duh! And tackling the living room in our house. The boxes they brought back in March have just been looming over my head for months now and I’m happy to have that room be a normal room again.


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