Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign: Jan 21–27


Laura Dern, an Aquarius.

Laura Dern, an Aquarius.
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Early Tuesday morning, Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters practical Capricorn, and you’ll find yourself drawn to structure and commitment. For the next three weeks, you’re likely to be frustrated by unpredictable people (no matter how intriguing they are), so focus instead on the ones who’ve already proven that you can rely on them. On Thursday, a dramatic full moon in Leo kicks up big, loud emotions. It’s important to express what you’re feeling right now, but better to confide in someone you trust than to shout it from the rooftops. Finally, late Friday night, Uranus retrograde ends. As the planet of progress and revolution begins moving forward again, you might feel turned around or off balance yourself. Don’t shrink from change; do your best to meet it with courage and a sense of adventure. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

You care deeply about doing the right thing. Certainly more than most people give you credit for. You want to be a good person, to leave your little corner of the world better than you found it. Lately, though, it’s been difficult to envision what that looks like, what that means on a practical level. You’ve felt confused, even immobilized at times. This week, at last, you’ll find the inspiration you need to move forward in spite of your uncertainty. You might stumble, but at least you’ll finally be gaining momentum.

It can be difficult for you to trust your instincts. Your inner critic is loud and persistent, and it shouts that you should hedge, hold back a bit. It’s too bad, because when you do believe in yourself and dive in, you’re unstoppable. So this week, your challenge — and it will be a challenge — is to put more faith in yourself. Don’t worry so much about making mistakes. You’ll figure out how to fix them. When you encounter misunderstandings, you’ll set the record straight. You’re much more capable and powerful than you realize.

The bigger your ambitions, the easier it is for you to get discouraged in your pursuit of them. Instead of seeing everything you’ve achieved, you’re focusing on the distance you still have to travel. Rather than appreciate all you’ve learned, you’re stressing over how much you still don’t know. And when you look at all the work ahead of you, it can feel like you’ll never get it all done. This week, the best thing you can do is stop looking so far ahead. You can find magic in the small, seemingly insignificant moments, if you just slow down and look up from the path you’re beating.

You sometimes get the unhappy feeling that you’re invisible to others until they need something from you. You have a lot to offer, but people take it for granted. This week, though, you have a chance to make connections with those who’ll appreciate you — and not just when it suits them. Maybe you’ll meet someone new who just gets you, maybe you’ll find a new balance with an old friend after an honest conversation. Whatever the case, you can build bridges. You’ll find the support you’ve been missing.

Once in a while you’re struck by the fear that simply by being yourself, you’re being “too much” — too loud, too dramatic, too demanding. Maybe people have told you as much in the past. While it’s important to be considerate of others and remember the world doesn’t revolve around you, that doesn’t mean you have to shrink yourself down or pretend to be someone you’re not. This week, let your bright, warm energy shine through.

Spending time and energy thinking — or even worse, talking — about your feelings strikes you as self indulgent at best, and a complete waste at worst. Given the choice, you’d rather focus on doing something of value for the world outside yourself. This week, though, processing your emotions will help you help others. If you’re like one big raw nerve, it’s easy to unintentionally hurt yourself and people around you. So take some time to rest. Tend to your heart. Connect with the feelings you might prefer not to deal with. It isn’t selfish. It’s difficult, important work.

This week, you might feel like everything is falling square on your shoulders. Not just at work, but in your personal life, too: Your friends look to you to make the plans, to host the gatherings, to keep the conversation flowing. It’s understandable, given how good at it you are. But it gets tiring (even for you) so don’t try to do it all yourself. Remember that you’re allowed to bow out, go home early, and delegate responsibility. Your friendships won’t suffer. Changing up the routine might even strengthen them.

For some time now you’ve been settling for less than you need, especially in close relationships. Normally you’d demand more — or at least start a conversation — but lately, you don’t have it in you. This week, speak up. Change comes no matter what you do, so you may as well take ownership over what happens next. It’s up to you to steer your life in the direction you want. If the road ahead is bumpy, at least you’ll be in the driver’s seat.

You’ll feel your sense of adventure come alive this week. You’re ready for something new to begin. The key, for you, is not to bite off more than you can chew. Don’t sign on to a long term project if all you really want is an exciting few days; be careful not to make promises that you won’t want to keep later. Your spontaneity is wonderful, but when it comes to making commitments, go in with a cool head.

Though you may pretend not to care what others think, the truth is that you want to be appreciated and thought well of. It hurts when your hard work goes unnoticed, your jokes unacknowledged, when others don’t seem to understand you or even try to. Sometimes, feeling overlooked spurs you to make more of an effort, but just as often, it only makes you want to retreat into yourself. This week, you don’t have to worry. Relationships will affirm you, and you can take comfort in your social circle.

There’s nothing boring about your inner life. Your brain is filled with far-out theories and ambitious plans for the future. Even your daydreams are great. You don’t rely on others to bring the excitement; you do just fine on your own. But independent as you are, you still need conversation and human connection. This week, make a point of getting out of your own head. Let people surprise you. Let your mind be changed. Don’t worry about being influenced too much by others — you won’t lose what makes you you. This is an opportunity to strike a healthy balance.

Maybe it’s Mercury and Mars in Capricorn dragging you down, maybe it’s just January, but you’ve got ennui. The chores and routines that make up your days hold no thrills, and you long for something grander, more meaningful. This week, expect the fog to lift — not because of some great new adventure, but because of a shift in perspective. Small talk may lead to real connection. You can find a sense of purpose again in the work that seemed so boring yesterday. There’s no need to travel to the ends of the earth to find excitement.

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