Weekly Horoscope Readings for Every Zodiac Sign January 7–13


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If New Year’s Day didn’t feel like much of a fresh start, the Capricorn new moon this Thursday morning offers another chance to hit reset. It’s a perfect opportunity to set long-term goals. Not dreamy, pie-in-the-sky ones, but the kind you’re willing to commit to. By setting clear intentions, you’re paving the way for the future you want. Then on Saturday night, you’ll receive added cosmic support as communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn and your thinking becomes clear and realistic. If you’ve been scatterbrained and disorganized recently, you’ll finally tap into the discipline you need to get results. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign below.

You understand that hard work isn’t a bad thing, but you also see no reason to make life more of a slog than it already is. If the path of least resistance gets you where you need to be, why not take it? Sometimes, though, facing difficulty is inevitable. As frustrating as it is, rising to the challenge is how you grow. And this week, you’ll be better off dealing with obstacles directly. Don’t waste your energy looking for a shortcut. If you put your head down and do the work, it’ll be over before you know it.

You’ve been driving yourself into the ground recently, and you’re tired. You wouldn’t mind if you could see where all this work was leading, but right now it feels like you’re treading water, getting nowhere. This week, at last, you’ll get a fresh perspective on the past year. You’ll see that your efforts weren’t for nothing. Every step was important, even if you couldn’t see it at the time. You’ve been making incremental progress all along, every day nearing closer to the life you want.

The best thing you can do for yourself this week is say no — to the gigs that don’t pay fairly, to the friends who take without giving back. You can turn down invitations for events you don’t want to attend. You can refuse to be drawn into other people’s petty dramas. Your natural tendency is to say yes (if only out of curiosity), but right now you’ll feel powerful and free if you remember that you’re allowed to decline when that’s what your gut’s telling you to do.

You don’t like asking for help. You want your friends to see you as strong, independent, in control of your life. You know that everyone has vulnerabilities and struggles, but you’d rather keep yours out of view. This week, though, find the courage to accept that you need other people. You help your friends out regularly. You listen to them vent, show up for them, share what you have. Supporting each other is one of the great joys of being human. This time, let your loved ones return the favor.

You sense a transformation coming, and you’re impatient for it to happen already. There’s pleasure in anticipation, but you’re sick of the uncertainty, ready for action. This week, you’ll feel calmer and happier if you do something productive, whether that means taking care of a chore you’ve been putting off or developing a new, healthy habit. You don’t have to sit around idly waiting. Use this time to make the changes you envision, to build a strong foundation for the future.

As much as possible, you try not to worry about other people’s opinions. Your self-respect means more than anybody else’s praise; if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing for your own sake. This week, though, go ahead and impress people. Not everyone, but the ones who matter to you. Those you respect most will take notice of your ideas, your jokes will land perfectly, your work will find its audience. Your own approval is usually enough, but for now, give yourself permission to bask in appreciation.

Lately, you’ve felt a bit wobbly, stressed by the news or your job or fraught family dynamics. The changes arrive quicker than you’re able to process them, and your energy is scattered, your attention all over the map. If you’re longing for stability, this week you can establish some. Cultivate a daily routine. Lean on people you trust. Tidy up your living space until you feel calm inside again. You don’t need to take extreme measures. Focusing on the basics is enough.

You’ve always been sharp and observant, to the point that occasionally you discover information you’d rather not have. You can see beneath the cheery façades people present; no matter how hard they pretend that everything is fine, you’re unable (and often unwilling) to look away from the truth. Sometimes, your perceptive nature seems burdensome — and living in ignorance so sweet and easy — but this week, you’ll be glad to have the clarity you do. New insights will change your life for the better.

Some people excel at planning, coordinating logistics, and minding the details … but you’re probably not one of them. You prefer to throw caution to the wind, trusting that it’ll all turn out fine. This week, though, it’s important to tend to the boring practicalities of adult life, no matter how much you’d rather ignore them. Get your bills in order, organize your workspace, figure out a schedule you can stick to. In doing so, you’re building a safe, supportive structure that’ll make it possible to have wild fun later without it blowing up your life.

You’re not one to reinvent yourself. As far as you’re concerned, you are who you are, and all you can do is make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt. There’s truth in this. You’re not in any way deficient or lacking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change and evolve. If you’ve been stuck in a rut or dissatisfied, this is your chance to reenvision your life. You’ve held yourself back for so long, but no more. Chase the dreams you’ve been too afraid to pursue. Believe in your capacity for growth.

This week, you’re likely to feel more fragile than usual. Comments that would normally roll off your back may cut deeper. Minor mistakes have the power to shake your confidence. Your usually strong sense of self might waver. If it does, and a voice in your head says you don’t “deserve” to feel this way or that you need to toughen up, your job is not to listen to it. Everyone experiences self-doubt. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Punishing yourself won’t make you stronger, but treating yourself with kindness can.

You might not think of yourself as an authoritative figure — you don’t necessarily seek out leadership positions or have much interest in telling other people what to do — but the people in your life look up to you, probably more than you realize. They come to you for advice. They value your opinion, even seek to make you proud. Your bonds run deep. This week, make a point of spending extra time with the people you care about. Show up for your friends like that’s the most important thing you can do, because it is.

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