Nantucket Family Photos at Sankaty Lighthouse | Connecticut Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


So very excited to share our first professional family photos with you guys! So much of my life is documented through photos, it just seemed right to bring in the whole fam. Hope you love them as much as I do!

The weather ended up being pretty good — especially at the lighthouse where it can be *so* windy — with the exception of the sunny overcast sky burning our eyes to look up lol. So if we’re making weird faces or half squinting, that is why!

My plan pre-baby was to do a newborn shoot with the three of us at home but it just never ended up working out. And I’m not quite sure at what age they age out so I just kind of gave up on the idea. But it all worked out because now I have these wonderful photos to look back on (we have photos of his face for our personal collection — these were taken for the blog specifically), and to possibly kick off a new tradition!

In terms of outfits, I wanted to keep it pretty minimal (no prints), and classic (red/white/blue color scheme). For the baby, I bought a white polo shirt and jumper. Since it was just a tad chilly out, we decided to go with the shirt and added some Nantucket red pants to the mix. For me, I had this gorgeous red dress from Ralph that I’ve been trying to find a place to wear and thought it would be a good compliment to the baby and the lighthouse. Then for Andrew, I just asked him to wear a blue top and jeans so none of us would blend together in the photos. I think the more simple the better when it comes to trying to coordinate family looks. 


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