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Burying the lead here, but we have no idea what we’re doing in the nursery. Andrew and I can’t seem to agree on much at the moment lol which has been hard but is also pushing us both to step outside our boxes and find new ideas to fall in love with!

(Image above via) @willaandthebear

Since getting pregnant, I’ve been saving just about any/all nursery images I like. And each of them I like for a different reason — maybe it’s the painted trim, the wallpaper, the framing of art on the wall, the wall itself, the curtains, the color scheme, the crib… the list goes on. But there isn’t anything below that encapsulates everything we want to do in one picture. 

So this is more of a mood board for different items and things I visually like — and when it comes time to figure out what we’re doing in the nursery, I’ll look back on these for inspiration. I think the main issue we’re running into right now is Andrew wants it to be a true baby/kids room, where I want it to be more of a room that can transition with them as they get older. 

I like the idea of bright colors and a ton of patterns — which you will see a lot of below — and he is envisioning more neutrals with a statement wall — which I also have been saving so we can find something that works for us both. I am excited to see what we come up with because I know whatever it will be, will be a wonderful combination of both our wants and wishes. And it will be a perfect little nursery room for our baby boy.


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